BSOD on Dell xps13 - no display at all

  john bunyan 18:14 12 Jun 2018

Newish Dell XPS 13 . Turns on but no sign of any display -,totally black . In warranty but too late to phone Dell UK support. External display not working. Have premium support but any tips in the meantime?

  john bunyan 18:15 12 Jun 2018

Ps tried holding start down etc

  [DELETED] 10:24 13 Jun 2018

Hope you've got it fixed by now otherwise have you tried removing the battery and power source and holding down the power button for 30 seconds?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:41 13 Jun 2018

If you have done the above without success and nothing on external monitor having cycled through the screen options via Fn + (f?) F5 (on mine)

then its looking like a failed graphics chip.

  john bunyan 19:44 13 Jun 2018

Gentlemen- thanks. Have been away all day in London but will get on to Dell tomorrow. You can’t remove the battery as it is buried inside. I think FB is right. I did pay for 3 year premium service. Trouble is they can’t look at it remotely as the screen is blank , so there is all the faff of trying to get somebody on the phone, repacking it etc. I only did a Dell Sevice Assist hardware scan an hour before it died. I have my iPhone for surfing and my desktop which both get my e mails so it could be worse.

  wee eddie 20:11 13 Jun 2018

The thing is. Just because your screen is blank does not necessarily mean that theirs will be.

Although logging them in may be problematic

  john bunyan 20:51 13 Jun 2018

Wee Eddie

As I can’t see a screen I can’t sign in with my password. Also my wife and I share it with different sign ins. As there is no signal when plugged into my external monitor via HDMI , I think FB is right.

  wee eddie 21:03 13 Jun 2018

Shouldn't stop you logging in.

Turn it on 》 After a suitable wait, hit Carriage Return 》 The Cursor is automatically placed in the box 》 Type your Password and a Carriage Return 》 Although you can't see anything, you're in.

  john bunyan 22:12 13 Jun 2018

*wee eddie *

Ok ; if they want me to do that I will. For me , without Dell on line , even if in I can’t run tests etc

  wee eddie 22:49 13 Jun 2018

How do you normally put it online?

  [DELETED] 23:09 13 Jun 2018

Just a shot in the dark, I remember you saying you have an SD card permanently connected. Try removing it and any other periferal and try booting. Never know!

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