BSOD apon login and boot of recovery options

  blane1257 08:44 14 Jun 2018

I've been having problems recently with my pc (Dell AMD running win 7 with a graphics card I forget the specifics of but it has ATI Radeon in its name) with it constantly bluescreening. It bluescreens whenever I log in or attempt to boot into any of the recovery options or when I try to boot into safe mode. I have not attempted a wed search yet as this problem seems very specific. When it first started I was using a USB device with a custom driver and some software made for using similar USB devices, but I don't think thats related as that should not effect safe mode or recovery options. Until now I was just going to recover my data off my HDD and hope I can do a factory reset and if I am unable to, completely wipe the disk then I'd have to buy and reinstall windows, but I've decided to try again for a better solution.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:09 14 Jun 2018

What error message numbers do you get on the Blue screen?

HAve you got the product key for your win 7 (sticker on bottom of machine?) you can download a win 7 iso and use that to reinstall

  blane1257 10:24 14 Jun 2018

Oh! So the product key is reusable? great! that makes things much less stressful.. Any other possible solutions?

  Taff™ 12:04 14 Jun 2018

You need to get the applicable drivers from the Dell Site using your Dell Quick Key (?) on label affixed to the machine.

Also you might as well upgrade to Win10 for Free - just use your Win7 Licence key. Download the "Windows 10 Spring Creators Edition 2018" and burn to USB or DVD using the Windows Media Creator.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:20 14 Jun 2018

Taff™ the update to 10 for free offer expired ages ago, before last years spring update:0(

The error codes on the blue screen will tell us exactly why its happening you can also try Blue screen view to red the error logs

  Taff™ 14:15 14 Jun 2018

Infortunately Fruit Bat you are wrong on this one mate (Long Time eh!)

You can still install Win10 using Media Creator from Microsoft on Win7, Win8 and 8.1. using your Licence key. You simply don't enter the key at the start of the process by choosing "I do not have a Licence Key" and it will go through validation and issue a digital one. If it fails that process because of a HDD replacement you then enter the key off the Win7 sticker - it works. I have done dozen over past year.

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