A big blunder - deleted drive

  Yimbo 14:28 09 Nov 2018

I don't know how it happened, but on my "This PC" page, when formatting a USB stick, the Local Disc next to it has also been formatted. This is a plug-in hard drive which I used as the back-up to the main disc drive. I can re-copy files from this to the back-up disc, and so far so good. However, additionally my back-up disc contained a number of various other files which have been deleted in the formatting process. What I'm asking is whether there is any hope of restoring the Local Disc to its pre-format condition or, as I fear, are the contents gone forever?

  xania 14:49 09 Nov 2018

Having anything written to the drive will have probably destroyed any vestige of a hope that you might be able to recover your files but check your recyle bin and if this fails you can try Recuva from the url click here

  john bunyan 14:58 09 Nov 2018

I would try Easus recovery wizard


  john bunyan 15:01 09 Nov 2018

PS It is free!

  Yimbo 17:27 09 Nov 2018

Thanks for your replies folks. ixania, I tried recuva which produced a lot of music files, but none of the folders I really wanted. john bunyan, I also tried Easus which seemed to recover many more files, but it wanted me to pay for the actual recovery, which I didn't want to do without seeing what I would be getting. You did say it was free!! Was I missing something out?

  john bunyan 17:55 09 Nov 2018

Sorry. The scan is free but I think limited to 2gig. I think the pro version is around £70- Sorry. I seem to remember that a long time ago I had a free version of the pro one.

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