Which console is right for me- PS4 or XBox one?

  markpearce84 19:38 29 May 2018

Hi, I'm not asking which console is "better", but I would like some help perhaps for which to purchase with my preferences(really I should be a PC gamer, but that's not really an option).

I own a 360 and a PC, I'm not a huge gamer, but here's the games I played the most: The Sims 3 Ace Combat 6 fires of liberation GTA V Forza 3 Toy Soldiers Halo Wars Prison Architect Tropico

As you can guess I'm probably a little less typical gamer, I'm AWFUL at FPS and I haven't enjoyed them in years.

The things I really like are simulations, be it management, war, business, building or flight, and turn based games are quite appealing. Two games that have caught my eye this generation are Kerbal Space Program and the soon to be released jurrasic world game. I'd be interested in Elite, as I loved playing the original a LONG time ago, but my internet connection is lousy (one day I got 3mbps but I usually get about 2.1mbps dl and 0.5ul), though fibre is coming in to my area at some point soon, which I might be able to afford.

Whilst I would love to try the VR stuff of PS4,especially the star trek bridge commander game, I'm pretty sure my eyes would melt!

I don't know if that's of any use to guide my in my choice, but I'm very grateful for all opinions. Thanks so much. Mark.

  Menzie 23:57 30 May 2018

Outright recommending a console isn't something that should be done.

I have both the PS4 and Xbox One and both have advantages.

For your decision the following should be considered:

What third party games do you like? Which console is the lead format for them?

Which console does your friends have? This helps when it comes to online play or borrowing games. You aren't interested in online play. If you aren't interested in borrowing games either you can skip this point.

Which exclusives do you like best? Look at the exclusives on each machine and see which one appeals the most.

For some of the games you like have you considered playing on a mobile? If you have a capable phone you will find some very good management and strategy games out there at good prices. Something to consider.

  Lisa Coffey 11:56 19 Jun 2018

Both the consoles have slimmer designs, new features and lots of big games. I have both Xbox One and PS4. Xbox One has rich entertainment features, better network stability and backward compatibility. While PS4's superior lineup of exclusives and better overall user-friendliness give it a slight edge.

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