whats the worse game endings you have seen

  KEITH 1955 12:16 07 Jan 2019

ok so everyone knows that electronic arts rewrote the end of mass effect 3 because it was so bad but what would you nominate as a bad ending.

DONT name the game ( we don't want spoilers ) just describe a certain ending , I have 3 to start you off.

Many years ago I spent several months doing a very popular game , it was a bit gruesome in parts (not manhunt) , I go it dirt cheap as pc world had been told to mark it down to get rid of stock due to complaints. I was nearly late for work lots of times. At the end of this gruesome game the "hero" jumps into a helicopter and the pilot says I am * and I have come to take you home. ROLL CREDITS NOW

I did part 3 of a series and at the end the hero shoots the main dude and says you ** did you really think I would let you escape. THE END

Finally I helped an indie guys debug his take on an early 70's dungeon's type game. It was full of items in the wrong place , I even put my pc on during xmas day morning as the dinner was cooking. We emailed each other with modified save patches to test the last bug so I know I was the first person ever to complete it. I then redid the entire game to give it a full test. If you completed the game and collected all items you got a bonus level. JOKE.... his idea of a BONUS was to look at statues of all the baddies and a photo gallery of all the people involved in making the game.

  Menzie 22:36 07 Jan 2019

I've been gaming since the Amstrad CPC. Some of the most terrible endings were back then.

Back then you mostly got a screen saying "Congratulations." Or a screen saying that you should try a harder difficulty.

Most recently the ending I was disappointed in ended on a cliffhanger. Where you managed to take down one of the higher-ups in an evil army.

However the person in charge of that same army has gotten away meaning you won't face them until the sequel.

No announced date for release as yet.

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