Nvidia to and hell and back

  Guest 1234512759 20:02 29 Jul 2018

I have recently been given an r9 255 graphics card to replace my gt 710,unfortunately I am having all sorts of problems trying to get the r9 to install,I'm using windows 10 and have tried everything I can to try and get it to work I have the and catalyst software but it doesn't pick the r9 up so I can not install the drivers anybody out there got any suggestions.thanks

  BRYNIT 20:32 29 Jul 2018

If you have correctly connected the graphics card to the motherboard, have connected the 1x6-pin power cable, connected the monitor to the graphics card and are connected to the internet. Windows 10 should detect the graphics card, download and install the drivers.

  Guest 1234512759 22:30 29 Jul 2018

The card I have does not require a 6 pin I have seen different versions of this card,no matter what I try it just does not want to work in windows 10 I am currently installing windows 7 on another HDD to see if it works in there it could just be a windows 10 thing. Will keep posted

  Menzie 20:28 31 Jul 2018

Okay some things to run through:

  1. When you were given the card, did the previous owner tell when last they had it working?

  2. Does your PC have a PSU of 400W or better?

  3. Was the Nvidia software and drivers completely uninstalled before installing the AMD software? A program like DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) can help with the removal of stubborn old drivers.

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