Insane CPU usage playing games

  DLB97 06:36 02 Jun 2018

Hey Folks!

Could you guys help me out x) Im having troubles playing games like... i recently wanted to try out BF1 having like 99-100% CPU usage and my GPU stays around 30-45% ish. I’m not sure about other games but same for PUBG/Fortnite both of the games i get 60% cpu usage 30-40% GPU usage Fortnite fps low settings: 70-230 PUBG low settings:40-144 Yes i have turned off v-sync. 144Hz monitor 1080p tho but that shouldn’t be a problem Used DDU/cleaned my SSD Can’t seem to find the problem But still unplayable on low settings... Here are some specs: CPU: Intel Core i7 7740X Kaby Lake-X Mainboard: X299M-A PRO Mem: DDR4 16GB Corsair GPU: Gefore Gigabyte windforce OC GTX 1080

I can’t see why this should be a CPU bottleneck i see others having insane fps with a 1080 Ti...

  xbox live 06:52 11 Jun 2018

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  MJS WARLORD 22:51 12 Jun 2018

if you are using the gforce experience program remove it and disable the entry in msconfig/start up , update your g card manually and when you get to install choose custom and untick the experience entry , that part of the driver setup causes a lot of problems for users , I have a gtx 1080 and don't have the problems you describe.

btw to see a report on my rig type my game breaker rig into browser and click on pc specialist top entry

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