Help spec’ing entry level gaming PC for 9 year old

  trukar 11:27 02 Apr 2018

Trying to navigate my way through tech specs of gaming PCs - looking to buy a prebuilt but possibly customisable PC. Have a budget of around 800/900 but need advice as to whether we can get a decent entry level that we can build on later to increase spec.

Any help would be appreciated

  KEITH 1955 11:16 03 Apr 2018

I always thought you were not supposed to recommend products but the FE told me recently it was ok so I done a bit of work to help you.

Firstly the way to go is custom built , the "high street shop" have inferior componants to what custom builds use because the shop buys cheap for maximum profit. The customer services are a mine field , they work on what mood the person is in that you are talking to.

2 years ago I bought a rig from pc specialists , the link below shows a rig I have pretended to build just so you can see how the site works. Have a play around with it just to get an idea on how the builder process works , one thing I would recommend is ANY ssd not an ordinary one or a hybrid. At the end of the build the system checks for mismatch or overkill , say too big a power supply.

click here playing around on the page I opened for you go back to the home page and start again if you want.

FOOTNOTE... pc specialists use special packaging around components for transit , remove it carefully and depending on your components a fan cable may be left unplugged to stop it snagging , it will plug in on bottom edge of motherboard. If you don't notice unplugged wires don't panic , an extra screen appears during boot up , if it does you can turn pc off on a button on bottom right.

A lot for you to read but I hope it helps.


  Johannes Amstrup Andersen 11:47 16 May 2018

That is definitely possible. While I don't have much experience with custom-made PC's I will say that I bought the ASUS GR8 II-T044Z from recommendations from PGR ( click here ) and that cost me 800 something I believe and that is more than an entry-level PC.

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