have you used dota2 game.

  KEITH 1955 12:47 29 Dec 2018

Is the game still anti noob

i tried out dota 2 about a year ago so quite righly i was labled a noob. The problem i had was that players simply hate newbies but of course everyone was a newbie at one time. I uninstalled the game after a week because the noob abuse i got was so bad that i felt as if these guys wanted to kill me for real. I been a die hard gamer since 1982 and have never had so much abouse from one set of gamers.

The other problem is kick/report , at the time i was using the game you could just click report and not even have to give a reaon and sure enough the number of reports you collected decided how long you would be banned for , all stacked in favor of experts getting rid of newbies.

  Menzie 14:53 31 Dec 2018

To answer the question in the forum title in a word, no.

Online games have never really appealed to me. I have dabbled in playing Doom, Quake, Kingpin, Unreal Tournament, Need for Speed Underground and various others over the years but found the experience to not be great.

For me multiplayer is best experienced with some friends gathered around the TV, some crisps, pizzas and a few pints.

Online I find that many take the games too seriously and it can get to the point of going beyond a game. I've received nasty messages for beating someone in a game and in some cases even after I've left the game and moved on to something else.

  KEITH 1955 23:10 01 Jan 2019

HI Menzie I agree with everything you said , when I got my custom built rig I had a gtx 1080 put in it , it had only just come out , on diablo 3 that I still use we did some tech chat and as soon as I said I got a gtx 1080 I had to dive for cover the abuse from so called friends was unbelievable

  Menzie 02:06 02 Jan 2019

As someone who has used AMD CPUs in all my builds since 1999 I experience negative comments on my hardware all the time.

I remember working in a local PC retailer where all the guys were Intel fans, the comments I got from having AMD in my machine was eye-opening.

For video cards I flip between AMD and Nvidia depending which offers me the best value at the time of purchase. My current card is an AMD 290X, the one before it was an Nvidia GeForce GTX 660.

My laptop has an Intel CPU, and I recommend them to friends and family if it suits their needs best.

  KEITH 1955 12:10 02 Jan 2019

The amd v nvidea arguments were happening in the world of video tape many years ago. Betamax machines could display better quality pictures than vhs but vhs won the day because all the hire shops went for vhs format.

btw never used an amd pc so cant comment on pros or cans of it.

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