Graphics Issue with Mass Effect

  edgar_thomas590 10:14 23 May 2018

Hello People

Very minor problem but its starting to get on my nerves.

On the 'cinematic sections' of the game, where you take over the dialog, the shadow edges on peoples faces are distorted and broken and have a habit of flickering. the rest of the games is beautifully smooth.

Now am i being picky or is there somthing i can do to fix it?

I use a BFG OC GTX/260 so dont normaly expect such distortion

thanks in advance

  KEITH 1955 23:06 23 May 2018

my last rig had a gtx 260 and don't remember that happening on any mass effect games , my new rig has a gtx 1080 , I can ramp up everything on games such as gta v and witcher 3 , that said , I have been revisiting some old games such as dragons age and had face tearing.

I have done a bit of googling and the problems seem to be caused by the nvidea physx part of the drivers , the ones you get now are too advanced for older games.

scroll down this page link

click here you will see somebody saying click this link to get an old copy of the PhysX part of the driver program , note , I am not telling you to do it the final choice is yours , I don't know what will happen if you have an old and new PhysX component installed.... all I did was find it for you .

btw witcher 1 and 2 gave me face tear as well


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