gaming laptop or desktop (and which laptop)

  Matt Raw 15:52 19 Feb 2018

Hi all in a dillema,

I recently purchased a gming laptop its a - MSI 17" Leopard Pro GP72MVR So 17 inch screen, 1060 3GB graphics and 7700HQ processor-This cos me £1k exactly

However i have recently seen a HP omen 15 inch but witha 120Hz screen (the MSI is only 60Hz) with 1060 6GB instead of 3GB and the same processor-This is for 1.1k.

Im wondering whether to send the MSI back as it is still unboxed and pay the extra £100 for a better screen although smaller and the better graphics card, will i notice a 120HZ screen on a laptop?

Also considering scrapping all this and just getting a gaming rig to hook up to the monitor and mechanical keyboard i already have?

Would appreciate any advice or comments

  Forum Editor 16:47 19 Feb 2018

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  Johannes Amstrup Andersen 04:43 10 May 2018

Do you absolutely need the mobility of a Laptop? If not, a desktop is way better in every aspect. It will last longer, better performance for less money and its soo much better to play on a proper rig with keyboard, mouse and monitor separately. So if you don't need a laptop, get a desktop for sure.

  SweetPotatoes 11:07 16 May 2018

I suggest you buy a desktop instead of a laptop

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