games you loved or hated tell me

  KEITH 1955 23:19 18 Jul 2018

What games made you say naff ending. Mine are on pc THE THING , MASS EFFECT 3, FAR CRY 1 , SAINTS ROW 4 , to be fair to players who not used them I am not going to say why but if you got them you know why they on my list.

ON PC air punch cos I beat them , THE THING despite the ending , THE WITCHER 3 , MANHUNT … despite the controversy about it , the next to last section had so many dudes you just have to go for it , if you don't move as you kill more and more just come for you.

Believe it or not my first air puncher goes all the way back to 1982 and my victory was completing the hobbit on the spectrum. So you may say what's the big deal. Well anyone who can remember that far back will know that the game was appalling . The text input was an absolute joke. most of the time it did not recognise what you had typed in to do something. The responses were unbelievable . Quote " thorin drinks the ring and throws Gandalf into the misty mountains". I made it my mission to beat the game , on new years eve just before I was due to go out I got further then ever before. I said stuff the pub celebrations , I nipped out and got a bottle of whiskey. I decided that tonight was my night for victory. In the early hours of the morning I completed it. So you may ask whats the big deal , well the thing was you just knew the game was not playing ball with you because at certain time it just refused to do what it should. To prove to C&V games magazine I had done it I sent them a full printout of my progress but the printout was made up several sections from different attempts because I never managed to get a un bugged single printout.

MOST SATISFIYING MOMENT … I got a pc game called crystal rift , it had so many bugs in it I did not know straight away it was done by an indie guy plus a few mates. it is an old style dungeons and dragons type game. Anyway it had so many bugs in it I just wanted to help him as I could see what he wanted to do. Over so many weeks we txt and email each other when I spotted something you could not do. Sometimes as many as 4 emails a day until I said I am going to bed. He has credited me by saying without my help the game would not have got finished , I spotted a bug in the very last bit so I can say I was the first person to complete it. OK so he only gave me a free code for 1 game but the point is , without me helping him , the game would have died and cost him lots of refunds.

i am soon to be 63 and an old school guy , i have been a game since 1982, i helped him cos i believe in supporting the little guys not big business.

  Forum Editor 23:53 18 Jul 2018

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  wee eddie 00:40 19 Jul 2018

Elite, but got bored pretty quickly. That was pre Windows '95 but can't remember quite when

  KEITH 1955 07:27 19 Jul 2018

I had elite it was very hard to dock unless you played for ages to buy auto docker

  Deivid 17:10 25 Jul 2018

In my case this is EVE Online, an unusual MMO game in which you use a spreadsheet more than you actually play. Everything happens in the future in space, interstellar travel is everyday, and you start as the captain of a small spacecraft.

The most wonderful moment was when a member of a foreign corporation decided to go to us and betray his companions. In agreement with us, he lured his entire corporation into a trap, where they were massacred by us. The battle was fast, and the ISK I collected from the wrecks of the enemy fleet was a powerful injection of currency :-)

The worst moment was during the great battle, when in the decisive moment our main commander was logged out - because he did not pay the subscription fee xD Of course, we lost the battle

  SweetPotatoes 12:45 26 Jul 2018

Will start playing Mass Effect 3 two weeks from now. Anything I should learn?

  KEITH 1955 17:29 27 Jul 2018

Ref mass effect 3 you will have a rough idea when your near the end so make some saves because if you die you go a long way back. NOT A SPOILER.... the end cut scene is awsome ìt lasts about 20 mins i was so impressed by it i redid last save so i could watch it again. The makers go so much grief about the origonal ending they rewrote it as a free update

  martd7 15:19 28 Jul 2018

Battlefield 1 way too difficult,loved it and hated it

  KEITH 1955 18:39 28 Jul 2018

Early high and low point , my early high was mathew smith making jet set willy in early 80's he made it for spectrum then for all orger formats , made a million !..... early low point , a guy called richard sheppard made transylvania tower it was dreadful but he was so traumatised by all the bad publicity he drove to a motorway flyover and hung himself , a sad thing because he was not the only person to make bad games

  techblogger911 17:25 01 Aug 2018

I'd pass on elite and I have eternal love for battlefield 3 and 4.

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