eBay Pre-built gaming pc quality

  Conorholliday 23:04 02 Jun 2018

Hello, I’ve been looking to buy a gaming pc with a budget of about £400. I’ve seen on eBay there is a ad for a £340 for a pre-built pc that seems to be from a company website. I did some research into the specs and apparently the processor and the gpu together are meant to top around 60 FPS in high demand games such as gta. However I feel there must be a catch as the price is so low. It would be great to get someone who knows what they are talking about to tell me if this pc is worth it for games such as CSGO. h1z1 and similar games. I’ll leave the link here with the specs below.

click here Type: Intel Core i5 Graphics Processing Type: 4GB 1050Ti Memory: 8GB Hard Drive Capacity: 1TB Windows 10 Pro installed WiFi

I can see that the specs are very vague and doesn’t specify the type of cpu exactly.

Any information about what I should do would be great thanks !


  Menzie 02:11 03 Jun 2018

According to the listing you get a year of warranty with that manufacturer.

Customer reviews on Trust Pilot however are very mixed.

As for what to do, that is totally up to you. There is a phone number and contact info on their website so feel free to get in touch and ask questions.

  Old Deuteronomy 20:09 03 Jun 2018

Far to vague and no way of knowing how old the "refurbished" parts are. I wouldn't touch it with someone else's barge-pole.

  Conorholliday 20:19 03 Jun 2018

Hello, Thanks for the info! However I’ve decided I’m going to try buyikd my first pc so I won’t be buying the eBay pc I had too many doubts about it.

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