Connecting a laptop to a TV

  TonyTT 18:43 02 Nov 2018


I was looking at buying a gaming laptop for my kids. Is it possibe to connect a high end gaming laptop with an HDMI lead to a Smart TV so they can play together on a bigger screen? Is there a loss in the quality of the graphics etc.

Also, can I get some console control pads for them to use on the laptop instead of the keyboard and mouse? Is there a time lag or anything?

Any help much appreciated.

  Sealand1 08:56 03 Nov 2018

Yes you can connect them to a TV . I've personally never noticed a drop in quality when I've done it. I don't think there is one. as for connecting a control pad you are able to but you may need to download a driver

  oftmarshall678 17:03 04 Nov 2018

Yes, laptops can be easily connected to a TV as a secondary monitor. But it depends on your TV model (and laptop specs too) whether the quality of gaming with be okay.

As far as I know, consoles and control pads are allowed for more advanced smart TV models.

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