CAN I play Far Cry 5 on GT 730

  DaniiGH 12:57 21 Apr 2018

Hello!Can I play Far Cry 5 on : -I7 4790k(STOCK)@4.4 -Asus GT 730 4GB,DDR 3 -HYPERX GENESIS KINGSTON 8GB RAM 1600MHZ (Pls tell me average fps on what I'll play on minimum graphic settings

  martd7 13:24 21 Apr 2018

Look here required specs for the game

click here

  Old Deuteronomy 16:14 21 Apr 2018

Forget it, buy a new graphics card or find a MUCH less demanding game.

  DaniiGH 12:10 22 Apr 2018

If I'll buy GTX 1050TI on what fps will play?

  Menzie 23:02 22 Apr 2018

If you want 1080p at decent settings running at the magic 60fps mark a 1060 seems to be the recommended card.

A 1050ti would require some more settings to be turned down and perhaps maybe a drop in resolution.

  Menzie 23:08 22 Apr 2018

YouTube is a good place to actually see what the game looks like running on the card.

Here is someone running the game on a 1050ti. Most of the gameplay recorded seems to be around 40fps.

click here

  wee eddie 23:18 22 Apr 2018

How old is this machine and what was its original OS?

  Akshat Verma 06:09 22 Jun 2018

I have played it on GTX 1050 Ti and it was smooth on high settings at 1080p. I think GT 1030 will be able ti run it at medium settings.

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