Unable to delete email acc on S7 phone

  Normylad 10:25 29 Oct 2018

I have a very old hotmail email acc which I no longer use, I am trying to delete it from the 'MyMail' app on my Samsung S7. I try to do it via Settings-Accounts-'named hotmail acc'-Remove Account.... but I keep getting the message 'This change isn't allowed by your admin'.Any suggestions as to how I can delete this Account from my phone ?

  Forum Editor 16:40 30 Oct 2018

Try this, it might work, but there are no guarantees.

Go to settings and select 'lock screen and security'

Then select 'Screen lock type'

If you have a PIN you'll need to enter it, and then you can select options for the screen lock. Select 'None'.

Then try to delete your mail account. You can go back and reset your PIN afterwards.

  Matt Berry 11:05 10 Nov 2018

A better answer.

Clear the Email Data & Cache on your device. Setting > Apps > Email > Clear Data and Cache.

This will wipe all stored Data and Email Accounts from your device. Just re-add the Email account you want to keep.

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