Require wireless speaker to connect toTV

  matthewormerod 10:13 15 Nov 2018

Hi All. I've recently purchased a new tv for my father. He is hard of hearing so requires a speaker he can connect to the tv and place by his side next to the couch. Looking for an inexpensive wireless one, easy to work, he doesnt want a surround sound system. Preferably a speaker that can be plugged into the mains and charge at same time.
Any advice or recommendations???



  Forum Editor 10:16 15 Nov 2018

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  AroundAgain 00:28 16 Nov 2018

Have you thought of wireless headphones?

My father was very deaf and when I got him some wireless headphones, he was able to listen to either TV or Radio with much better clarity, and without everyone else to put up with loud volume etc.

I think wireless headphones are mostly bluetooth connection so you would need to check out what the TV requirements are.

  wee eddie 00:52 16 Nov 2018

Bare in mind that, anything you plug into a TV will cut the other Audio outlets

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:03 18 Nov 2018

I started a similar thread a couple of weeks ago - you need to check exactly what outputs the TV has (make and model?).

I was looking at bluetooth because my new TV had bluetoot and I wanted to lessen the number of cables. Some TVs allow both bluetooth and TV speaker out at the same time allow anyone to use the TV and the person using the headphones at the same time.

Had trouble when testing to get bluetooth to find my speaker solved the problem as I have a Google Home next to where I sit. The GH can pair to the TV and I did a mod on it to add an earphone socket ;0)

  AroundAgain 20:19 18 Nov 2018

Another approach ...

If your father has hearing aids with 'T' switch, perhaps a Loop system around the room would solve his issue, also allowing others to hear the TV too.

Something like this might be useful - Domestic/Home Induction Loops

  dan_nad 15:37 24 Dec 2018

I would insist on buying wireless surround system, cause I had the same issue. My dad didnt want it, but I bought it anyway and now he absolutely loves it! I cant recommend you to do the same, but my dad was thankful at the end of the day! Check it out, it is so much better click here

  markophillips 06:39 05 Jan 2019

I am using beats audio wireless speakers, Connected with Bluetooth. You can also try.

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