Oneplus 6 or Samsung S9+ for almost the same price

  marcelmiro2000 10:42 29 May 2018


I've found a Samsung S9+ for around 670€ (64GB storage 6GB ram), while the new Oneplus 6 model that I would like to buy is at 569€ (128GB storage 8GB ram). My question is, which one should I pick. By watching loads of videos, reviews and comparisons, I've discovered some pros and cons of each phone.

Oneplus is faster in loading apps and in facial recognition/fingerprint scanner, but Samsung has better ram management. Oxygen OS is much cleaner, faster and free of "useless" bloatware in comparison to Samsung's TouchWiz (and Oxygen also has more frequent updates). I also prefer the navigation gestures instead of the navigation buttons that Samsung cannot change (unless maybe if you use an app). Oneplus 6 also has more battery life (even with the 200mAh less) and a faster charging time than the S9.

On the other hand, the S9 has a better display and screen resolution (1440p), and Samsung is a very reliable and with reputation brand. It is also water resistant with IP68, whereas Oneplus isn't. Also, Samsung has dual speakers (and not only 1 speaker) that sound much better than the Oneplus 6's one. Finally, and for me the most important reason in my doubt (although I only use it once in a while, I feel like I would like a good one for my instagram account), Samsung's camera is loads better than Oneplus'. Although around 20% of the pictures taken by the Oneplus phone, are similar photos to the S9, Samsung is way ahead in this part of the phone.

My doubts on choosing are mostly because of their similar prices. Any opinions and help is very appreciated. Thank you.

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