Nokia 1 and old spare SIM card

  daffodiltulip 18:43 29 Oct 2018

Hi. I've bought a new unlocked Nokia 1 smart phone. I also have a couple of old SIM cards that I think I've used before. Can I just put one in the phone and use it after topping up or do I have to get a special SIM card for unlocked phones?

  alanrwood 19:13 29 Oct 2018

If it is unlocked you can use any sim in it and provided you have credit on that account it should work

  BT 08:44 31 Oct 2018

Depends just how old the SIM card is. If its not been used for a long time it may well have been cancelled. You can only try it to see if it works.

  daffodiltulip 09:30 03 Nov 2018

They were so old they were too big! What sort of sim only deal should I look out for that is as cheap as possible and that can be used for any number of months without having to top up monthly - I won't be using it much.

  daffodiltulip 16:54 03 Nov 2018

I went into Vodafone and they had a £5 SIM card that seems suitable.

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