New Samsung Galaxy A tablet won't play roblox

  Ryan Senkosky 22:44 08 Jan 2019

I recently just bought my daughter and galaxy A tablet & it Roblox & other Google play games lag & freeze constantly.I returned for new one but that wasn't the problem.This blows my mind because I have a cheap done that it works great on. Can someone plz explain why a cheap done works better than a $200 tablet that originally retails for $300. Is it something with this particular tablet or was I unlucky enough to get to faulty tablets in a row? Was purchased from best buy & have had bad luck with electronicsome purchased from them before.

  Ryan Senkosky 22:50 08 Jan 2019

Sorry autocorrected a bunch of stuff

  Ryan Senkosky 21:23 10 Jan 2019

Sorry,I'm new to forum and couldn't figure out how to edit posts. I meant have cheap old fone that works better than new samsung tablet.

  wee eddie 22:14 10 Jan 2019

You cannot edit anything, once it's been posted

  wee eddie 23:23 10 Jan 2019

Which Model is it, what OS and how old

  Ryan Senkosky 21:37 11 Jan 2019

It's a SM-T380 2017

  Ryan Senkosky 21:40 11 Jan 2019

Android 7.1 nougat os

  Ryan Senkosky 21:01 15 Jan 2019

Can some one plz help me or refer me to a forum that can?

  Oleg 08:32 17 Jan 2019

yes sure, why not, but you need latest version of this game

  Ryan Senkosky 19:38 18 Jan 2019

I have latest version of the game. That's not the problem. Also I've had issues with other Google play games too. I don't know if it's tablet or what. I have cheap old fone that works better than this new tablet which is crazy to me. I've went through 3 tablets so far. One cheap 75$ tablet which worked horribly & two of the same Galaxy A tablets to make sure it wasn't defective tablet both of which had same problem where it freezes completely or lags. I don't know if I'm unable lucky enough to have gotten two defective tablets in a row or if the samsung galaxy A just sucks for games. If that's the case then why does a cheap fone works better. I'm considering taking back & getting Lenovo but it has same processor just different O.S. so I don't know if that'll matter. It's for my 6 yr.old daughter & I refuse to spend over 300$ on a 6 yr.old. Plz help!

  Oleg 11:56 23 Jan 2019

this is very interesting, I've such a problem, you need more RAM, for this you need root your device

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