How to feed a USB Mic into two PCs

  Niggo 20:18 06 Jun 2018

I want a Yeti USB mic to feed into two windows laptops. I can't find a female usb to two male usb adapter. There are some that are suitable for providing extra power to hard drives but only one of the output cables carries data. Thanks.

  wee eddie 23:37 06 Jun 2018

Can you give us some idea of what you are trying to achieve?

There are members here who make recordings, and films, on a regular basis; they may have some techniques that you haven't considered yet.

  Niggo 09:16 07 Jun 2018

We have a weekly class that goes out to two groups of people, one on Skype and one on Hangouts. The Yeti usb mic is essential for them to hear the class clearly. We can't have Skype and Hangouts working on the same computer at the same time and there are obstacles in getting either group to change to Skype or Hangouts. So we have two computers but of course the Yeti can only feed into one of them. So the solution seemed to me to be to connect the Yeti's usb plug into a female on the end of a cable that split into two male usb plugs. But such cables don't seem to be available.

  wee eddie 09:42 07 Jun 2018

This is not my field of expertise but one thought immediately emerges.

Unless the two PCs are identical, each is going to need different Mic Settings to achieve optimum broadcast strength/quality.

It might be simpler to try and pick up another Mic, perhaps second-hand, on eBay

  Niggo 11:46 07 Jun 2018

Yes, and probably cheaper. Thanks.

  wee eddie 14:21 07 Jun 2018

Sitting in front of 2 Mics. Don't go power mad!

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