Virgin V6 box free upgrade

  martd7 15:11 30 Jan 2018

Anyone had the free upgrade yet?,wanted to make anyone interested in the free upgrade that when you apply through the website you get and "oops " error message,the moderators are requesting you phone Virgin media and choose the option "I want to cancel my Virgin media contract" the operator will then give you options for fitting the V6 box

I've phoned this morning,they've allocated me a slot tomorrow afternoon,I'm having the V6 installed in the front room and the TiVo box is going upstairs in the bedroom to replace the v+hd box I have,a good outcome all free of charge

  mole44 09:06 01 Feb 2018

I'm with Virgin and will in time get V6 on a self install basis,if like last time we had to "Dispose" of the old unit they had a nice 500Gb sata drive inside so i shall be liberating this it's to good to waste,

  Govan1x 11:28 01 Feb 2018

If you have the old Superhub 1 they will do the same and replace it for you.

  martd7 14:24 01 Feb 2018

Ive upgraded to superhub3 last year it was a free upgrade

The virgin V6 box is really quick,much faster than the previous TiVo and half the size,I will be purchasing a UHD tv in the next few months to take advantage of some of the UHD content that's being transmitted

  mole44 15:57 01 Feb 2018

I was thinking that martd7,although we'll have to see content in 4k first.

  martd7 17:22 01 Feb 2018

Mole 44

Far as I know there's not much UHD content,there's Sky sports,BT sports,Netflix,Amazon,The new series of Strike back on Sky 1,I've seen some of Planet Earth2 in UHD on a friend's TV and it was superb, someone else on here may know of other 4k programs

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