A persistent car problem still unfixed

  martd7 20:46 04 Oct 2018

Im posting this because i arent sure what my rights are

In June of last year i purchased a 10 plate Vauxhall Car from a Mini Dealership,one of their part ex cars

2 problems i noticed straight off,the air con didnt work,and the heating control which is used to circulate air at your feet,face,windscreen and other positions,was extremely stiff to turn indeed it bounced back from any setting turning it clockwise

I took the car back in August and they regassed the air con and fixed the airflow controller,6months later February this year i was back in for the same thing,no air con and faulty controller,they fixed it again

Back again in May of this year ,they found a hole in the condenser of the Air Con unit and the unit was replaced thus finally fixing the air con, and again the air flow controller was fixed this time with a new part

Now 4 months on the air flow controller isnt working again

They have refused to repair it as my car is now out of warranty,what they have advised is taking the car to a Vauxhall dealership to allow the Air flow controller part to be fixed under the 12 month parts warranty

I am thinking i will have to pay the labour charges for this to be done which i do not feel is right,i will not have to pay for the parts due to still being under warranty

Is this right? to my mind theyve never successfully repaired it to use for any length of time and now the cars out of warranty theyre refusing to cooperate

  Brumas 21:28 04 Oct 2018

martd7, a visit to the Citizens Advice Bureau would be your best option old pal, they have the knowledge and wherewithal to apply it.

  martd7 22:29 04 Oct 2018

There isn't one near me closed years ago,but I will look see if there's one in a nearby town

  Forum Editor 22:55 04 Oct 2018

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  martd7 19:29 05 Oct 2018


The cars been in the Vauxhall garage today,the result being the new part fitted in May isn't faulty,but the part fitted in February ,a simple 6" plastic rod had been aligned incorrectly, £216 later I am well annoyed,Vauxhall have advised I go back to the original dealer the car was purchased from as it's their faulty diagnosis and fitting that's the cause of this and try claim the repair money back

  HondaMan 12:46 24 Oct 2018

"Aligned incorrectly", by whom? If the garage was at fault, there should be no charge; they were negligent or did not take sufficient care. In either case, you should not be charged.

  martd7 13:23 24 Oct 2018

Fitted incorrectly by the dealership I purchased the car from,they sent me to Vauxhall because they refused another repair as the car was out of warranty,the repair was originally done under warranty

Things have moved on having been on the phone to the Citizens Advice,they have advised I send an email to the Service Manager where I purchased the car from asking for a resolution quoting Consumer law Section 15,which I did 12 working days ago,no reply

I have since spoken to the dealerships customer complaints dept and they have said they will try to resolve this by the end of this week

  Forum Editor 12:17 25 Oct 2018

"....they will try to resolve this by the end of this week"

If they don't, keep pushing them. If a part was fitted incorrectly, and you have evidence with which to substantiate your claim, the dealership is under a legal obligation to correct the error. It isn't rocket science, but they have the right to dispute your claim.

Do you have anything in writing from Vauxhall?

  martd7 16:27 25 Oct 2018


Yeah Vauxhall dealer made a point of adding onto the receipt

"Previously fitted gearing aligned incorrectly"

  HondaMan 11:13 26 Oct 2018

Sounds like "game set and match"

  martd7 16:40 26 Oct 2018


Game set and match indeed ive been offered a full refund only 30 minutes ago

Thanks to all

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