Is Laptops Direct a legitimate site?

  MikeRavo 17:11 30 Aug 2017

As the title suggests, I'm looking for advice about The site seems good and the company seems legit. I have been stung before though so I am wondering if anyone here has any experience with them?


  hastelloy 18:05 30 Aug 2017

See Trustpilot reviews for a mixed bag of opinions. I've never dealt with them.

  wee eddie 19:14 30 Aug 2017

They've been around for a fair while.

  Menzie 22:11 30 Aug 2017

My laptop is from them, I purchased it back in 2007 and it is still going strong.

For me the prices were reasonable and I received my item quickly and in perfect condition.

I've had no interaction outside of that so sadly cannot say what they're like when issues arise.

  Forum Editor 07:33 31 Aug 2017

We rarely see reports of problems with this company in our forums.

  john bunyan 10:26 31 Aug 2017

My local PC repair guy recommends them.

  chippy t 11:54 01 Nov 2017

I'm surprised they are still allowed to trade. Shocking, Faulty Item, Awful Customer Service. 25% restocking FEE.

You play Russian roulette when buying from Laptops Direct, if you do make a purchase pray nothing goes wrong otherwise good luck. They charge numerous fees, admin fees, handling fees, restocking fees, (25% of purchase price for businesses) i.e our laptop was nearly £600 so we would have to pay £150 to restock, good business for them, really care about their customers.

The laptop I received had a HP onscreen WARRANTY STARTED 10 MONTHS PRIOR TO MY PURCHASE, which left me less than 3 months HP warranty, even though this was brand new laptop (1 years warranty), so in my opinion a 2nd hand laptop. Our laptop also had a fault with the Windows software making the laptop not fit for purpose. They said software was not covered under the warranty even though Windows is sold with the laptop. I asked numerous times within the 14 days for a refund which was ignored, they then replied after this time had expired to say it’s too late for a refund, they could offer a repair only and that it would take 2 months to repair if returned to them. They told me to do a factory reset, I had little option and as expected resets failed. I am now in contact with trading standards, citizens advice, and if all fails will end up in small claims court.

Their customer service string you along, fob you off with their pointless emails, you get replies from a different employee each time where you then have to restart the process of explaining the problem etc.

  Forum Editor 19:37 01 Nov 2017


The way to tackle this problem is to supply us with hard facts - you say that you requested a refund 'numerous times' during the first 14 days after the date of Purchase - did you put any of these requests in writing? Alternatively, do you have dates, and the names of the person you spoke to if your request was made by phone?

A restocking fee cannot be charged if an item is not fit for purpose. Under the terms of the Consumer Rights Act, you have a statutory right to reject goods that are faulty or not as described within 30 days of the date of purchase - did you do this? If what you say is correct, you are entitled to a full refund - it must be paid within 14 days.

Let's have some relevant dates - when you purchased, when you contacted the seller, and I'll advise further. If necessary, I'll take the matter up with the supplier on your behalf, but you should be able to resolve this yourself.

  Forum Editor 15:05 03 Nov 2017

chippy t

I have edited your post to remove some inappropriate comments.

  Dave Thom. 15:45 07 Nov 2017

Ordered a Laptop, got sent a computer mouse - contacted customer service who said they would TRY to call me back within 2 days!

... and until they had completed their investigation I would not get a refund.

It doesn't require an investigation, I return the incorrect items I get my money back

Shocking attitude of customer services and no interest in following the Distance Selling Regs - avoid these people at all costs

  Govan1x 17:51 07 Nov 2017


I have been on their site looking at laptops and I remembered from years ago that the reviews were not great.

After looking at the Trustpilot reviews I thought that maybe they had improved but looking at your reviews it looks like they have not changed a lot.

I certainly will not trust Trustpilot reviews anymore without looking at others first.

I have thought that they were a bit iffy lately and I mean the last couple of years and I think your review center confirms that.

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