GDPR- can't log in to my account here.

  [DELETED] 18:14 02 Jun 2018

Since the updated policy I can't view my account. I can't get email reply either to a subscribed thread. All I'm allowed to do is change my password. Anyone else in the same boat?

  AroundAgain 19:33 02 Jun 2018


I've just logged out and back in again with no problem

I had assumed that, unless logged in, we couldn't post but, if you can't log in and can post, then my assumption is quite wrong :(

Hope Simon or FE see your post or email soon and can rectify the problem

  [DELETED] 20:26 02 Jun 2018

AroundAgain nice to hear you again. Hope all is well.

I was referring to my personal account information. Clicking on the settings app 'hamburger' top left gives you options. Selecting my moniker gives usual 'my post' etc.

Clicking on Account seems to lead to a brick wall. No doubt it will lead to a lot of work but I'm one that misses the email notification that a post that I have subscribed to doesn't arrive and I would like it to. Cheeky I know as TA is a free service.

  AroundAgain 20:35 02 Jun 2018

Hi rdave

Thanks, yes, I'm doing very well thanks. Hope you're ok apart from this TA issue you're having?

OK, sorry for misunderstanding what you are experiencing, or not experiencing!

So, I've just clicked on the 'hamburger' and clicked om my account. All I got was option to change my password or to delete my account.

I then clicked on my 'name' ie AA, and I've got 'My Posts' and, beneath that, 'Discussions you (I) have started' and then 'Discussions you have subscribed to'

I can't see where I can access any personal info.

Is this different / same as your issue?


  [DELETED] 21:14 02 Jun 2018

Same issue AroundAgain .

Now all we have to do is figure out how to contact TA that we're not getting the emails promised when subscribing to a post.

  AroundAgain 21:18 02 Jun 2018

I've been getting emails notifying me of your post on this thread OK

Are you not getting any notifications for this? I presume you ticked the box before you clicked 'Submit' to post?

  [DELETED] 21:26 02 Jun 2018

Are you not getting any notifications for this? I presume you ticked the box before you clicked 'Submit' to post?

Yes - always do. Using Vivaldi browser as always.

  [DELETED] 21:30 02 Jun 2018

Trouble is I can't get to my account to see if a box needs to be ticked to get email notifications to a subscribed thread.

  AroundAgain 22:18 02 Jun 2018

Ummm, so when you click on 'burger' and click on your 'name', you don't see all your own previous posts etc?

That's definitely an issue with TA, eh?

I was just looking to see if I could find how to email Simon, FE or whoever, on your behalf but I can't find any such access. Can you explain to me where to look for email access to whoever, then I could try to email on your behalf?

I have found a phone number for Tech Advisor at Euston Road, London, if that's any good? Telephone: 020 7756 2800

  AroundAgain 22:20 02 Jun 2018

By the way, the search bar isn't working as I would expect it to. I've clicked on the magnifying icon, top right, which opened a field to type your search query but, try as I may, I can't get any type into the box, so not able to search.

Very strange :(

  [DELETED] 23:06 02 Jun 2018

AroundAgain thanks again for your kind efforts. I've emailed FE a while ago with this notification error but no reply. Again if I click on the 'burger' icon and click on my moniker I have access to posts I have subscribed to and started. That is not the issue. The issue starts when I click on 'Account'.

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