Fraud eglobalcentraluk site help needed

  Swati Bagga 20:02 28 Mar 2018

I recently purchased a samasung s8 plus from the site .The phone on arrival had problem with the voice the receiver couldn’t hear me -sound was either very low or if you downloaded a single app there was no voice. since I was in 30 day warranty I contacted the company.They asked me to resend the phone.Now when the phone is back they told me that there was no problem and are demanding 100 pounds for return extra.

I know the phone was faulty and paying extra hundred pound for faulty phone I do not understand what to do. Since the company is in China they seem to be bullying people around.I paid by credit card via Halifax but the money they say is gone and is quite unlikely to get a return

I need help with

1.what can I do to get my money back 2. Should I pay extra and get faulty phone 3. If you were in a similar situation please reply on this post if we can all put a joint petition against this scam website

  Forum Editor 22:42 28 Mar 2018

I suggest you take a look at this.

  mole44 05:45 29 Mar 2018

Inform your credit card company under section 75,however their are exceptions click here

  Forum Editor 10:27 29 Mar 2018

I can see that you have informed your card provider, and have been advised that there is not much likelihood of a chargeback claim succeeding.

You are in a difficult position because you do not have the phone, and my advice is to do your best to negotiate with this supplier. You are being held to ransom over the matter of a return charge - it does not cost £100 to ship a phone from China.

We have had several complaints about this company, and I am going to try to get somewhere with them myself - we'll see if a veiled threat of bad publicity via our forums will have any effect. Please can you email me with as much information about your order as possible, including an order number/reference, the date of the order, the amount you paid, and the date on which you returned the phone.

Let me have the text of the supplier's response and demand for £100.

The more information you provide the better - don't forget to include your name and address.

Do all this by email, and I'll see what I can do. Don't post the information here - email me: [email protected]

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