Fitbit and gps not working can I get money back

  Alan66 16:29 15 Dec 2017

Have purchased a fitbit charge 2 yesterday went onto their site followed inst they said found the unit via GPS so I then gave all info required it has taken 3 attempts to get it to work with no success bought from Argos do I get the money back from them or not Thanks in anticipation

  tullie 16:47 15 Dec 2017

your contract is with the retailer

  Secret-Squirrel 17:18 15 Dec 2017

Fitbit and gps not working can I get money back[?]

The short answer is probably not. The device you bought doesn't have GPS built-in so it relies on the capabilities of the GPS-enabled phone it's paired to. Argos won't give a refund because your phone's Bluetooth, GPS, or some other function isn't working properly. Having said that, it's worth a try if you fail to get it working.

Have a look at the troubleshooting steps here and see if you can get it all to work.

  Matt. 18:04 23 Dec 2017

If you don't want it take it back to Argos!

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