Is email from HMRC a scam?

  ened 15:34 22 Jan 2019

It supposedly comes from: HMRC Business Help and Support Emails

The address ends with : ...Emails [email protected]> but, when I copied & pasted it, this last bit that started with < was not reproduced in the box which shows what the post will appear as. As soon as I type the < it disappears.

It is offering various links which purport to offer help in filling in the forms.

The links all end with

First thing that makes me suspicious is that I have already returned my 17/18 tax form AND paid what I owe.

But I'm always ready to learn for future reference and several of the links look interesting.

  Pine Man 15:50 22 Jan 2019

Just log into your account at HMRC and if those links are genuine you will be able to access them there and then you can be sure they are ok.

Despite what is generally said HMRC do contact 'customers' by email and the last one I had referred to information that I could access from my account.

  BT 17:38 22 Jan 2019

Despite what is generally said HMRC do contact 'customers' by email

I have a friend who works for HMRC and he assures me quite categorically that they do not contact people by Email, and most certainly not unsolicited Emails.

  BT 17:43 22 Jan 2019

I often get these SCAM type Emails which are deleted unceremoniously.

The latest purports to come from TV licensing saying I have overpaid by £82. Highly unlikely as I know what a TV license costs and pay it annually by Direct Debit so have a record on my Bank Statement.

  Pine Man 18:51 22 Jan 2019

I have a friend who works for HMRC and he assures me quite categorically that they do not contact people by Email,

If he is correct then I wonder if he can explain how it was that HMRC contacted me by email about a tax rebate which asked me to log in to my account and deal with the payment of it?

I'm sure I wasn't dreaming and the tax rebate was dealt with in the way I instructed.

  wee eddie 19:13 22 Jan 2019

Just don't use any link in the email

  ened 06:20 23 Jan 2019

Coincidentally I received a circular email from TVP this morning. This warned about both the HMRC & TV Licensing emails.

This HMRC was quite professionally put together with logos et al. I can see many people receiving it and clicking on one or more of the links.

Thanks for your replies.

  BT 08:56 23 Jan 2019

..HMRC contacted me by email about a tax rebate..

If you deal with HMRC and submit returns and have supplied your Email then this could possibly happen, but random emails saying you have a rebate when you have your tax dealt with by PAYE and haven't given them your Email address are obviously Scams. It's a bit like the 'Microsoft' phone call telling you they have detected a fault with your computer. How could they know, they can't possibly monitor millions of computers all over the world but still people are stupid enough to fall for it.

The solution is if you haven't supplied your Email or phone number to any organisation then treat any emailor phone call from them with suspicion.

  Gordon Freeman 11:02 23 Jan 2019

I wouldn't be concerned too much. If you have registered with HMRC for tax reasons (own limited co, or whatever) then these emails re: 'Business Help and Support', are pretty standard. As they are so infrequent then it does make you fear the worst, i.e. spam, but in my experience they're innocent.

  Forum Editor 18:09 23 Jan 2019

HMRS send regular 'help and support' emails to people who are self-employed and have previously agreed to be contacted in this way.

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