Don't buy Huawei phones! Very bad customer service

  Giuseppe Alessandro Birtolo 11:14 28 Dec 2017

Hello everyone. Sorry for my bad English but I would like to let you know how Huawei UK customer centre fooled me. I bought a P9 Plus in Italy in the summer 2016. It is covered by International extended 3 years premium warranty. My phone suddenly turned off and never on again so I contacted Huawei UK customer service for a repair. I sent the phone to thei repair centre (SBE Extranet) in the beginning of September 2017. After one month the repair status on SBE website was still "awaiting component" so I contacted Huawei customer service via chat. I was promised a quick repair or a replacement since they admitted the repair took too long but they never kept the promise so I had to wait another month to get the phone back. During this time I contacted them every week and they always told me that they couldn't do anything but wait and they told me the repair centre was in charge to decide to send me a replacement phone. Eventually, at the end of november, they sent the phone back with a new motherboard (new imei). The phone turned on but the camera failed to focus any object and probably SBE broke it during repair process. I contacted Huawei UK customer service again and they told me to send the phone back to SBE promising me that the solved all the problems related to components supply. More than 20 days have passed since SBE received my phone and, once again, the status is "awaiting component". I have contacted Huawei UK customer service (again!) and they told me they will escalate my request to the repair centre but I told them I have waited too long and that I want a replacement phone. I sent them a letter asking for a replacement phone in 14 days because they are in breach of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and that I have the right to have another phone. They didn't answer me directly but only told me my case has been escalated (they told me the same all the times I have contacted them in three months). Of course nothing happened so I have contacted SBE repair centre. I have been informed by SBE staff that SBE is only a repair centre and that they can't decide to give me a replacement phone (they don't have replacement phones!). They also told me that is Huawei that provides components so only Huawei knows how long it will take for the new components to be delivered to SBE. In short I have been fooled for three months by Huawei UK customer service and I have to wait probably at least another month to have my phone back. I actually can't do anything but wait since they only answer me they can't do anything else to help me. I hope my experience will be helpful to let people know how Huawei UK takes care of customers.

  mole44 05:36 30 Dec 2017

If you want answers Condense your question/answer,a long diatribe will rarely get read or answered.others have had no problems with your product,so KISS is the answer.

  Giuseppe Alessandro Birtolo 09:05 30 Dec 2017

Thank you but I want people to know how Huawei UK cares about their customers and the only way is to tell all the details. Update: I'm waiting for an email from one of the customer service manager that will provide me with a solution. I feel I will get no answer and they told me this just to get time and avoid answer me.

  Forum Editor 10:43 30 Dec 2017

You say that you bought the phone in Italy over 18 months ago - who did you buy it from?

EU consumer law says that your contract was with the supplier of the phone, and not with the manufacturer. I'm wondering why you decided to deal directly with Huawei?

If you can clarify that, I'll try to advise you further. Tell me who you actually bought the phone from.

  Giuseppe Alessandro Birtolo 11:12 30 Dec 2017

I bought the phone in Italy when I was there for holidays since the phone was hard to find due to high request following the launch in the market, but I live and work in UK since 2014. The phone has international 3 years extended warranty and I did the warranty check on Huawei UK website before I sent the phone for repair. If Huawei UK accepted my phone for warranty repair than I think is responsible for that and Huawei website states that I can send my phone for repair in every Country in the world in which Huawei is present.

  Giuseppe Alessandro Birtolo 11:20 30 Dec 2017

PS: the phone was bought in August 2016 so was only one years old when I sent it to Huawei UK for repair. By the way I think the problem here is not who is responsable for repair but how Huawei UK lies to customers. I have been promised a replacement phone but they did not sent anything and they lied to every single request I have done telling me that the repair centre is responsible to send the replacement phone. They lied telling me that the repair centre is responsible for an ETA on repair time but the repair centre told me that they can't give any ETA if Huawei don't send them the spare parts. Huawei lied to me telling me that they solved all the problem related to spare parts when I had to send the phone for repair for the second time but I found on their facebook page that it was a lie because they told another customer that they still have problems with spare parts. They lied also to the other customer because they told him that Huawei was investigating the problem and they would provide a solution for every customer in a few days. More than 2 days later there is still no solution!!!

  Giuseppe Alessandro Birtolo 11:20 30 Dec 2017

PS: more than 20 days, not 2.

  Forum Editor 10:21 01 Jan 2018

The reason I raised the question of the supplier you bought the phone from is because Huawei's customer service has been widely criticised in the past.

You had no contract with the company, but you did have one with the supplier, and it would have protected you in this situation. As things stand, you can only hope that your problem is resolved by Huawei. You can't approach the supplier now because you've involved Huawei in a warranty claim.

I have contacted the Huawei Press Office in the UK on your behalf, to see if there's anything they can do to help. I'll update your thread as and when I receive a response.

  Giuseppe Alessandro Birtolo 11:10 02 Jan 2018

Thank you! I thought it would have been easier to send the phone in UK because I live in UK and because it was covered by Huawei international warranty. I also have a Kia car bought in Italy and I would never think to contact the italian supplier if it should have some problem. Thank you again! PS: so far no answer from Huawei manager as promised; another lie from the customer service.

  Forum Editor 09:56 03 Jan 2018

It might be an idea to step back from repeated allegations of lying.

I have made contact with the PR company acting for Huawaei - let's give them a chance to respond to my email.

  Giuseppe Alessandro Birtolo 10:03 03 Jan 2018

How do you call one customer service that told me they solved all the spare parts problems and that on the facebook page, more or less the same day, tells another customer that there is a problem with spare parts? And also that Huawei was looking for a solution for all the customers in a few days. This was one month ago. By the way I'm still waiting for the email with a solution promised me the 29/12/2017: 10:10:11 - xxxxx said : I am really sorry to hear about this. Our manager will send you an e-mail shortly.

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