Consumer Rights - Has Something Changed?

  onthelimit1 18:20 10 Oct 2018

Two weeks ago, I ordered a Beko dishwasher from A.O. It arrived, I fitted it and quickly found that the water wasn't being heated on any cycle.

I rang A.O. but, after much 'press 1, press2', I was automatically transferred to the Beko helpline. He arranged for an 'engineer' to visit with the warning that if no manufacturing fault was found I would be charged. Fair enough.

Engineer visited today, and confirmed the fault and was unable to fix it. I rang A.O. to ask for a replacement, but the system kept directing me to the manufacturers helpline. Eventually I found a way to actually speak to someone at A.O. who said they would have to call Beko for a code that would allow them to replace the item.

So, why am I having to go through all this rigmarole - I understood that the seller was responsible for the product they sell, irrespective of who made it. Any comments? Have I got it wrong ??

  alanrwood 19:10 10 Oct 2018

I agree with you. AO is making you jump through the hoops. I would simply insist they sort it out as they are legally obliged to do.

  Quickbeam 19:14 10 Oct 2018

Passing the buck I'd say.

  oresome 19:30 10 Oct 2018

You are correct that the retailer has responsibility for the product.

However it's not unusual for the retailer to use the manufacturers service agent to resolve problems bearing in mind the retailer is just a seller and doesn't have expertise in fixing problems.

While you may rightly argue that there shouldn't be any problems, the manufacturer will argue that where there are problems, it's usually down to the customer rather than the appliance being at fault and in the few cases where the appliance is at fault, it's cheaper to rectify it on site than incur all the transport costs involved in replacing it.

In your case, you've given them a chance to rectify it and they've acknowledged it's a fault with the appliance. Now insist that it's replaced or you get you money back and suggest some compensation for your wasted time wouldn't go amiss.

  onthelimit1 20:09 10 Oct 2018

Thanks all - that's what I thought. Ill see if A.O. call back tomorrow with the offer of a replacement. Might ask for free fitting for my trouble as well!

  BT 09:17 11 Oct 2018

Just a Tip

When you get tied up in automated phone systems It often works if you don't press the numbers they ask. Try pressing "0" or "#". It often works and you get to speak to a person.

  onthelimit1 11:38 11 Oct 2018

Thanks for the tip BT

  Forum Editor 16:45 11 Oct 2018

Moved to Consumer Rights Advice from Speakers Corner.

  Forum Editor 16:53 11 Oct 2018

As you have already been advised, the seller is liable to you if a product has a defect regardless of whether it is a manufacturing fault. You didn't buy the machine from the manufacturer, the seller did.

Your contract is therefore with the seller, and this machine was not fit for purpose. You may legally reject it, and ask for a replacement or a full refund. Make sure you use the word 'reject' when you speak to the seller. -

You are not legally entitled to any form of compensation.

  onthelimit1 12:14 14 Oct 2018

Thanks FE. They have provided a replacement, but their system almost forces callers to go direct to the manufacture. A bit devious I feel.

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