Beware Laptops Direct Avoid at all Costs

  MONEILL310174 15:21 08 Nov 2017

Like others I am having a nightmare with Laptops Direct. I bought a Graphics Card from them in May 17 which due to the fact it was a Birthday present, it wasn’t fitted straight away. By the time we figured out it was the new GPU it was Beginning of July when I informed them of a fault. It crashes upon loading a high spec game but seems ok for internet browsing.They tested it and couldn’t find a fault although they will not share their testing methods. So I have discussed with a local PC repair technician and the manufacturer ASUS themselves who both agree that there must be a fault with the GPU. Excluding the HDD the whole PC is new, 2 other GPUs work in the PC and we tried the GPU in another PC and it crashed as well. Thoroughly checked drivers via AMD, compatibility issues, bios settings etc. However, Laptops Direct don’t care because their testing doesn’t show a fault. They did test it a 2nd time in Sept and still couldn’t find a fault and since being returned, it won’t even transmit a signal to monitors anymore! They are aware that I have tried everything and been in contact with Citizens Advice and Trading Standards but they will not budge. So do I take them to Small Claims court or Just bin a £208 GPU? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated

  HondaMan 20:14 08 Nov 2017

Two questions arise: When EXACTLY did you buy it? If an item fails within 6 months of purchase you have absolute rights under existing legislation. Have you, or the person who bought it, considered asking your credit card company to execute a "chargeback".

  Menzie 00:31 09 Nov 2017

FE will probably be able to offer the best advice on how to proceed with this.

Exactly what GPU was purchased from Laptops Direct? The two other working GPUs what type were they? What kind of connection are you using to your display?

Also when the card crashes is it a blue screen, does it freeze? What happens?

When you discussed with a PC technician did they test the card?

Having all the facts will help others to guide you better as to how to proceed.

  Forum Editor 15:06 09 Nov 2017

"So do I take them to Small Claims court or Just bin a £208 GPU?"

This isn't going to be an easy problem to resolve, and I certainly don't advise you to resort to the small claims process at the moment. If you start a small claims action you'll have to produce evidence to back up your assertion that the GPU is faulty, and going purely on what you've said I can see that you don't really have any.

The supplier, on the other hand will have the results of two test procedures. You will not have evidence of any tests, and that's what you'll need before you begin. As far as I can see, you are going purely on guesswork - you are assuming that the processor is faulty, but you haven't had it tested by a third party.

I can agree that it looks very much as if you have a faulty item, but if the supplier says otherwise you'll get nowhere without some proper evidence. You say that Asus have told you that 'it must be the GPU' - do you have that in writing?

I'm sorry to sound a negative note, but I've been down this road many times in our forum. There's a right way to handle these situations, and telling people avoid a supplier at all costs because you happen to have had no luck isn't it.

If you get a third party to carry out a proper test, and get a written report stating that the item is faulty, you can proceed. You'll be able to claim the costs of said test if you take a small claims action.

  MONEILL310174 15:44 09 Nov 2017

thanks for your comments. I bought the GPU 25/4/17 ASUS RX480-08G I don’t see how the problem could be anything else and Laptops Direct have no constructive advice to give. Everything is new excluding Hard Drive. 2 old GPUs work straight away Sapphire RX290 tri x and another old Sapphire one. The new GPU does the same thing in another PC. It all turns on ok and upon loading the game, it works for 2 mins to maybe 2 hours and then the GPU turns off. The monitors go black and the GPU fans stop. But since it was returned last time, we get nothing at all. It has power but there is no signal to either monitor. I bought it via PayPal with a Debit Card. We use HDMI cables to the monitors and they can’t be faulty as they are new and work immediately with old GPUS. I do have it in writing from ASUS that the card must be faulty and to request a replacement or refund from the Seller. The Local PC Technician did stress testing, new wiring, changing BIOS settings etc. but considering it worked immediately with old GPUs, it appears obvious! I am not sure whether it is financially beneficial to pay for testing etc and the hassle of fighting them or whether to just cut my losses. Thank you for your help and advice

  HondaMan 11:27 11 Nov 2017

* I do have it in writing from ASUS that the card must be faulty and to request a replacement or refund from the Seller* send them a copy of that letter, demanding a full refund, and head the letter "LETTER BEFORE ACTION" If they don't pay up, use the small claims court. You'll probably win!

  billybadger68 19:40 30 Jan 2018

LAPTOPS DIRECT / BUY IT DIRECT AVOID AT ALL COSTS ! I don’t normally have to write letters of complaint , but on this occasion I felt I had no alternative but to criticise the way you operate and treat you’re customers. I ordered a laptop on the 27th December which was supposed to have been delivered on the 4th of January which never turned up. Through all of my own efforts about thirty emails and about fifteen phone calls made a point that the item wasn’t received providing evidence ,but all you’re customer service said was that the case had been closed or that it had been signed for , or I had asked for it to be delivered elsewhere which is an absolute lie! Then I had to check neighbours for the delivery , you couldn’t even tell me were it had been delivered to properly . I then had to get the evidence from DPD , and I must say the experience I received from them was 100% better than Laptops . They listened to my grievance about the none delivery and provided me with the proof to share with you .The evidence clearly pointed to the fact that it had not been delivered ! but even then you were saying “its been delivered” . I had to get Paypal and Trading standards involved and Paypal were magnificent and resolved it for me today , by saying the case had been closed in my favour and about time, only 34days after the order was placed , it’s a shocking response. You also had the audacity to say this in you’re email on the 26th of January
HI Gareth, I have had an update from our claims department and they are trying to push through a claim with DPD now. If you can bear with me until Monday I will have a resolution for you by the then of the day then. I must say what I cheek ! My response
Why should I have waited four weeks for this to be resolved , and also I am you’re customer and have the contract with Laptops not DPD . So if you’re saying , when you get you’re claim done with DPD , you will issue me with one , that is not at all acceptable . I have proved with all my evidence this was not delivered and should have been dealt with weeks ago !

Anybody who uses this Company Laptops Direct or Buy It Direct I wish you the best of luck , absolutely horrendous. I have since found many complaints on forums about this Company . This is just one of many which would have tipped me off about this bad experience had I checked them out thoroughly. Their customer service string you along, fob you off with their pointless emails, you get replies from a different employee each time where you then have to restart the process of explaining the problem etc. This comment was a understatement from my experience.

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