Amazon prime an unauthorized payment

  martd7 16:37 27 Dec 2017

This is a long story so bare with me Week before Christmas I noticed £79 had been taken from my current account,I immediately phoned bank to question it,was informed was Amazon prime I hadn't signed up for prime so I contacted Amazon to be informed it was my daughter's prime renewal,how? Daughter had no access to my accounts?,Amazon promptly emailed my daughter asking her to get in touch with them so they could refund the money

Now I know my daughter she had no access to my account whatsoever,not only that my current account payment card has never been registered on Amazon,who were intimating my daughter had stolen it,imagine my surprise when they also related to me that my ex wife and my son also had their names linked to my Amazon account!

There had been no other transactions from the account so I asked Amazon to close it down and investigate how this had happened,a current account bank card that had never been registered on Amazon and how my family all had authorisation to use it

2days later the money was returned and I had an email saying they were investigating but there was a cautionary note about allowing other people to use my account

Very interested in Amazon's answer to this

  Forum Editor 17:41 27 Dec 2017

The first thing to say is that your son and daughter and your ex wife would not have needed any authorisation to use your card - all they would need is to have the card itself. It would not have been necessary for the card to have previously been 'registered' with Amazon.

Think about this - how could Amazon possibly have your daughter's email address if someone hadn't provided it to them?

How could Amazon have taken money from your bank account if someone hadn't provided them with your card details?

Based on what you have written here, no blame lies with Amazon. What do your ex-wife and your daughter and son have to say about it all? You say that Amazon emailed your daughter, and two days later the money was refunded - did she take any action when she got the email?

  martd7 18:18 27 Dec 2017

F.E Categorically no they have not had my card,maybe I should have said,my daughter lives with my ex and has done for 7yrs,I see my daughter maybe every 2week,ex wife every 6month and my son once a year he lives in a different city,I understand perfectly how it sounds but my family have no idea where my bankcards are kept and they just wouldn't do this even if they could

Yes my daughter phoned Amazon all they wanted was authorisation to cancel prime and return my money which she of course said yes to They were all shocked to be implicated by Amazon saying they were linked to my card

  martd7 18:27 27 Dec 2017

To clarify a few points,my daughter and ex wife both have prime and for some reason my daughter's was renewed on a bank card not used on Amazon by myself and as said previously she has no access to my cards no one does,in fact it's my current account which even I don't use it's simply used for direct debits to pay bills so the card is not even in my wallet

  alanrwood 19:00 27 Dec 2017

Well someone is leaking information as the FE has said. There is no way Amazon can just magic up card details from thin air, someone had to give it to them.

  wee eddie 19:22 27 Dec 2017

Mart: You will not be the first father to have had his Card details secretly memorized by one their children and used on Amazon.

Also, you will not be the last

  martd7 20:59 27 Dec 2017

sorry but she hasn't like ive said I don't use that card its my bills card for payments its in a folder out of the way

Its not only that theyre also saying my ex wife and son have it on their Amazon accounts and that's even less likely

Ive had a phone call from Amazon tonight saying the procedure when they cant obtain money from one account is to automatically use any other payment card associated with the account,basically they've tried to get payment from my daughters Amazon account from the nominated card but its been rejected as there wasn't enough funds,so they've gone to the second card associated with the account and removed it from there

That is the only transaction that's come off my card,no others

Anyway case closed theres nothing more they or I can do I just don't like the fact that my family are been called fraudsters but its sorted I received the money back from Amazon

  Forum Editor 22:40 27 Dec 2017

"I just don't like the fact that my family are been called fraudsters"

That's understandable, but who has done that? Certainly nobody here.

The simple fact however, doesn't alter - Amazon was definitely provided with your card details by someone. If it wasn't you, or any of your family, who was it, and why? The fact that Amazon told you that your card details were linked to your daughter's Prime account is in itself a pretty amazing coincidence.

  martd7 23:37 27 Dec 2017


It certainly is a coincidence,I have spoken at great length to her tonight and she's asking the same questions,how has she obtained my card details and added it to her Amazon account,I'd have found out so she's gained nothing My daughter knows if she had asked for some money to renew prime I would have done it for her,she actually didn't want to renew and didn't realise they would take the money directly without notice,she wanted to cancel but forgot

  martd7 23:41 27 Dec 2017


Amazon said something along the lines of I must be very trustworthy to allow my family to add my bank card to their accounts it's surprising they have not used the card to buy Christmas presents and fraud you out of money

  BT 09:04 28 Dec 2017

Regardless of all you say it seems to me someone has got hold of your card details and made use of them. The first thing you should do TODAY is to contact your bank and have the card cancelled and a replacement issued.

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