Adding 3rd party SDK to your apps?

  assender 11:01 12 Feb 2019

I know, a lot has been said now about adding some 3rd party SDK to your app, as Google started banning a lot of apps or developers recently. But tbh, most of the cases i have seen, were developers fault.

As i have read, if your app has been removed due to having 3rd party SDK, its basically, coz you havent mentioned it properly in TOS. You had to change your TOS with providing info of what you have added, and what you are collecting, and then you could have reuploaded the app without the fear of getting banned. Most of developers havent done that, and just reuploaded apps back, without clearing up anything, which resulted in ban from store.

TL;DR, do you think its still profitable doing that, if you make all the TOS clear, and do everything “by the book”?

  lotvic 21:07 12 Feb 2019

tbh, I haven't the faintest idea as it will depend on the uptake of the app.

  Govan1x 07:37 13 Feb 2019

probably spam. Running this on a few more forums including C/Net.

  assender 07:45 13 Feb 2019

Or actually a person who asks same question in several places, coz i cant find a normal answer anywhere ��/p>

  Govan1x 08:07 13 Feb 2019

If that is the case assender and I have got it wrong I apologize.

It is something I probably would not do but everyone is different and of course some just want the answer asap.

  assender 08:15 13 Feb 2019

Probably not my wisest choice, but these places seemed like pretty reputable forums, where people could have such knowledge. As went throu all the possible Google documentations, and obviously they provide no direct answer, was thinking that people would know it best. Sorry if seemed like spam ✌�/p>

  lotvic 23:27 13 Feb 2019

do you think its still profitable doing that, if you make all the TOS clear, and do everything “by the book”?

You are asking our opinion and that's all you will get, not an answer - an opinion. There is no way to know for any app whether or not it will be profitable in the future.

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