Norton test July 2014 - third thread

  Forum Editor 22:34 16 Jul 2014

Now that you have had a chance to use the software for a while, what - if anything - would you like to see changed/added/omitted from the final release version?

  carver 09:03 17 Jul 2014

A couple of things spring to mind, I can see the method of stopping the "Optimize Disc" function but I'm running an SSD drive and that from everything I have read certainly doesn't want or need that.

I would have expected that Norton would have built a recognition system into the program to disable this automatically.

File cleanup is another one that wants sorting out, it certainly cleans your files but too well, every thing goes when you use it, passwords being the one thing I don't want removing goes with every thing else.

If there is a method to stop this it's not very well identified in the control panel and I would have expected to see this option.

I may have missed this option some where in the instructions but if it's not clear then people will get frustrated. The settings button is another thing that need to be more visible , please make it stand out so it's instantly identified.

Last but not least, when exploring the Norton "Performance" section 4 items spring up but if you click on any of the items it does what it says immediately, not a good idea, far getter to bring that option up in another screen then have the option of using it.

Up to now I've wiped my browsing history and passwords out twice by mistake.

  QuizMan 11:53 17 Jul 2014

There is a minor, but annoying bug that needs to be ironed out with regard to the Vault.

As can be seen on the attached screenshot, the password prompt screen stays open and on-screen after opening the Vault. I have to close it via the X each time. Vault problem

carver The "Optimize Disc" help screen states that SSD's are only optimised in Wndows 8. I do not know if that applies to you or why Win 8 is singled out for different treatment. I agree with you that a warning screen prompt within the Performance section would be welcome. The same thought had occured to me too.

  [DELETED] 11:57 17 Jul 2014

only thing I don't like is pop ups to turn different features on, if you wanted different features on you would turn them on

  sunnystaines 14:17 17 Jul 2014

there is a bug in a pop up saying antispywhwere def are out of date, clicking on the x to close pop up does not work it greys out. Why are these updates not done in background.

norton vault and toolbar has problems with crashing chrome needs urgent fix.

the progress bar is terrible to look at and irritates the eye more so if you have certain med conditions [migraine, fits etc] perhaps a percentage read would be better.

otherwise all ok and like it

  sunnystaines 14:30 17 Jul 2014

having a bad norton day still cannot get rid of the norton pop up that defs are outdate despite running live up date.

finally managed to get through to activate after 2 days of trying [unable to contact symantec server] only to be told the serial key is not valid for this product, got three days left to keep trying.

I would work on these points what ever has been improved on since 2014 version is causing problems on w7

  keverne 14:30 17 Jul 2014

A minor point I suppose but I'm not all that impressed by the opening screen. A little bit more work in this area to make all items visible rather than using arrow up/arrow down would be better.

Apart from that it seems fine to me.

  sunnystaines 14:32 17 Jul 2014

forgot to add key not valid error is [12301]

  carver 14:57 17 Jul 2014

QuizMan Thanks for that bit of info about Disc Optimize and now you have mentioned it I can see it only states it for Windows 8, but you have to look for this bit of info, it's not very clear at first glance.

It still doesn't take the worry away when you click on the Disc Optimize in Windows 7 and you see the Disc Optimize symbol merrily working away.

  QuizMan 17:24 17 Jul 2014

sunnystaines I remember from previous tests that you and I were the most critical of the Toolbar & Vault. Apart form the obvious anti-virus and firewall, it is the part of Norton that I rely on the most and yet it always seems to be the worst implemented component of an otherwise excellent product.

  QuizMan 17:29 17 Jul 2014

I have one more wish for the Vault/Identity Safe. When looking at the list of my saved logins that I have, the scroll bar on the right of the pop out list is far too narrow (about 1.5mm on my desktop screen). It is very easy to stray off the edge when scrolling up or down and have to start all over again.

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