Norton 360 v6 - and finally.......

  Forum Editor 23:13 29 Dec 2011

Now that you've been running the software for a while, what is your overall impression? You have an opportunity to mention anything specific in the thread entitled 'Norton 360 v6- wish list' - what we're interested in here are your general impressions.

If you weren't getting a free 1 year licence for the new software, would you consider paying for it, or if not, why not?

  [DELETED] 00:31 30 Dec 2011

My overall impression is "Norton 360 V6" is very good. Yes I would buy it for a PC that is used as a "work horse" - one that is kept stable with limited number of programs on it - the sort you would use for student work/email/household accounts. This machine is a "test bed" and has to be cleaned and the OS reloaded too often to justify a program such as N360 .

Thank you for the chance of testing this program. I hope ,collectively,we have been of some help to Norton & PCA.

  Condom 01:00 30 Dec 2011

To be perfectly honest I have found nothing in 360 that is better than the free programs that I had been using beforehand. There were a few things I didn't like that I couldn't find out how to switch off like the world map and the automatic tune-up, the latter removing stuff that I wished it didn't. Yes it works unobtrusively but it is also not the quickest game in town. My Aulogics defragger defrags 4GB in a few minutes and shows me how it is doing whilst Norton took over an hour. Clearly Norton doesn't take advantage of my large Memory whilst Auslogics does. It is certainly not as processor hungry as previous incarnations I have used and that is good but I think most similar programs have also ditched their hunger so there is no great advantage.

Most people who install Norton will largely forget about it and let it do its business which is just as well as when you get into it , it is really quite an ugly brute. It still has the feel of not quite being all together in that some parts do not seem to be integrated well with the overall package and I found that strange as I am not aware of Norton purchasing any new companies in recent months so surely it should feel more integrated by now.

Unless substantial changes are made to its overall look I am unlikely to even install the free package when it arrives and I particularly don't like it altering my Messenger Settings without my prior permission. And no I wouldn't buy it either.

  Aitchbee 07:47 30 Dec 2011

I would not like to have this software as my main means of defense. It is trying to do too much, and I have been overwhelmed by the options presented to me.Half of the options I would not use.

The user-freindliness of the software is something which must be improved - surely that is not too difficult to do for such a big company.

I have been testing Norton 360 v6 on a laptop with XP and only 256 meg of memory, 160 gig hard drive ( 5% populated).

The custom scans (of USB memory devices) are also very slow.(and hang, sometimes).

Perhaps with a memory upgrade to 1 Gb, scan times might improve.

  [DELETED] 09:49 30 Dec 2011

Norton 360 v5 appears virtually identical to the beta - all the menu options are the same, performance seems similar, nothing notable seems to have been added.

The graphics have changed - much for the worse, as many here have commented. Bring back the black!!!!

I'm not sure what necessitated a "version upgrade", aside from the commercial pressure for "newness"... but the way it's been modified is just in looks. It's been "improved" by a five-year-old given a two-colored Playdo set. Not nice.

In performance terms, it seems to be just the same as version 5, which I run on a few computers. Amongst the best.

Would I buy it? Yes, but I'd try to buy v5.0 and not let it upgrade the program, just to avoid the improvements! It seems to outperform McAfee I.S. and it's certainly nice to have an all-in-one security application. (One obvious reason AV suites are going that way is because of the free AV programs... they have to tempt us with some extras... and head back to the old Norton Bloatware??? Hope not!)

  Condom 10:29 30 Dec 2011

I should add a correction to my earlier post in that when I mention 4 GB I should have said 4 TB. Got to remember my MB from my GB from my TB. So sorry.

  rawprawn 14:32 30 Dec 2011

I thought that Norton 360 V6 was very good, but I think I would rather stick with Norton Internet Security, I feel it tries to do too much and is somewhat complicated if you want to manually use all it's options. However for the user who wishes to simply install it and leave it to it's own devices, I think it would be a good program to have as it runs quietly in the background and does not hog resources.

  carver 16:06 30 Dec 2011

Yeas I would buy it, not from the visual look of it which is frankly off putting but for the reason I can put it on the kids PC's and forget it and because Norton have got tight and only supply a 1 user 1 PC copy I'll buy again.

The free one's I could live with but I need to know that their machines are updated with out any input from them.

It does it's job very well and compared to older versions does not hog resources.

I had to buy the 3 user copy version of 360 v5 but and this is a big BUT I would not buy at full retail or Norton's website price.

I wait until it's been out a few months then buy when it's being discounted. I have recommended Norton in the past to people but 8 out 10 times you get the same response "it's to dear".

  [DELETED] 16:13 30 Dec 2011

i have used nortons antivirus for many years now, always seem to get a good deal from online retailers , nortons themselves charge to much for there products on there site, if i was not getting free licence no i would not pay for 360 i would buy norton internet security suite which is much cheaper, one more comment without sounding ungratefull for the free software it would be nice of nortons to allow us to use the software for free till we get our products so we did not have to use freebies in the meantime

  [DELETED] 16:22 30 Dec 2011

360 is good but, no, I wouldn't buy it.

I have already taken it off.

  [DELETED] 16:47 30 Dec 2011

I am sure it is as competent as the best of the opposition. Problem is it has too many bells and whistles. Norton need to bring down the number of options by consolidating them to about 4 choices

It looks just too much hassle when you open up the main screen. I am a happy user of Microsoft Security Essentials along with other secondary systems like Malwarebytes

I think Norton have tried to hard to show what it is doing and can do. I want a Security system that only bothers me when it needs to.

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