Norton 2013 beta test - overall impressions

  Forum Editor 19:19 11 May 2012

Now that you've had a few days to evaluate the beta software, what are your general impressions - is this version an improvement on the current release, or if you use another anti-virus/internet security application, how does it compare?

If you have any specific likes and dislikes, now is the time to mention them.

  Aitchbee 20:55 11 May 2012

I like it ... my first impressions. The program looks slick and 'well-behaved'. It found something untoward (in a ZIP compressed file) after a lengthy scan today. 10/10.

  [DELETED] 22:17 11 May 2012

I actually use Webroot SecureAnyware on three PC's which is largely cloud based although I have removed it on the PC I'm testing Norton on. Ive used Norton 2011 & 12 & I 2013 seems faster, & from memory it scans faster & found no problems. The only widget I don't like is the performance guide, I really don't need a pop-up telling me the PC is working hard when I'm transferring 30 GIG of photos from a external drive, the disc thrashing tells me that, but that's just a personal preference. - But overall I like it & would recommend it.

I think the Facebook scan is good as many use Facebook & don't have a clue about security on Facebook - I haven't tried that facet out so I can't comment on it's effectiveness but seems a good idea.

It does a lot without a massive performance hit which I feel is pretty good, although it is a little OTT for me but perhaps an improvement over Webroot for some who don't use other security or aren't so concerned with safe(ish) surfing - For my 12 year old daughter it's probably ideal.

  Condom 22:53 11 May 2012

As we are only in May and as this program is normally released nearer the end of the year I imagine that this is a fairly early Beta version or am I wrong?

Having said that it is pretty darn good for a beta version. OK I have had a few minor problems but I cannot say for sure that I can lay them all at the door of Norton as I had 21 Microsoft updates on Wednesday and I know one of them had a fault it it so who knows. I think it is perhaps a fraction slower on the Internet than my usual software but it is fractions of a second and therfore hardly noticeable at all. I have not had any further internet connection dropped or IE9 problems for the past 24 hours so again that might not have been down to Norton or their update fixed it.

It has updated itself without me noticing and scans do not result in any noticeable hit on system performance but I do have 8GB of memory. I have ran all the tests I could without any problems apart from that one strange report I got about my own PC seemingly attacking itself. I noticed the Norton Safe Web on Facebook and I also run that which showed clear and was reassuring. That is a nice touch which should be well advertised. The only thing it didn't appear to have that I like is a secure "Sandbox" but perhaps I just haven't found it.

This is the 3rd version of this software I have tested and it is by far the best. In fact I might very well use it this year which would be a customer won back after 6 years away. Thankfully all the bright yellow of 360 has gone so I don't need sunglasses to use it. The odd thing or two I didn't like 100% were some of the displays but that could very well change as I got more accustomed to using it.

As everybody seems to be saying these days "it does what it says on the tin" and seems to do it very well and so much better than it used to do.

  [DELETED] 00:36 12 May 2012

The initial registration process left a lot to be desired. But after the program was downloaded and installed on one drive (Vista 64) it was easy to transfer the file to second hard drive and install on a Win 8 OS using the same prod key. It runs unobtrusively in the background. Scans and Updates with no effect on the normal speed/actions of the PC. The graphic interface is better than the 2012 effort. It has more features than some others - if you need them. Overall I like it.

  [DELETED] 08:09 12 May 2012

i actually like it now , slowed machine down at first but now back to normal, like the latest versions of nortons i have used does its job in the background while you get on with your work , no major dislikes

  sunnystaines 12:53 12 May 2012

used norton NIS or 360 every year for ages, yes i like it, ie9 has settled down.

did not notice any major changes or additions i presume its all under the bonnet stuff.

good product, very pleased with it.

  [DELETED] 22:01 12 May 2012

I am a regular user of Microsoft Security Essentials. I found the Norton programmes had just too many bells and whistles,
Some of the reports just seemed unecessary after the simple but to my mind effective options in MSE.

I will be exploring Norton in greater detail but so far I am not that impressed. I get the feeeling that things are hung around its neck to justify the cost rather then make it easy to have on board

I also thought the Quick Scan was in fact a slow process It did find 22 items but did not identify why they were a threat. What on earth the Tune Up mode does I am not quite clear and the Diagnostic report offered little in comparison to Belarc Advisor's comprehensive report

  [DELETED] 17:06 13 May 2012

Spent some more time today getting deeper into Norton

I liked the Network protection check process. That's something that does need to be on tap. I also noted that downloading updates and installing them seemed much better speedwise today I looked again at the Diagnostic report and wondered why include it when W7's Action centre already can do this I can see no need for a Monthly Report under 'Account' and far less for the 'See What Norton has done for you'option.

In vulnerability protection under General Tasks I question whether one needs to know that level of detail. It might be better putting this and other stuff like Monthly Report, if it is deemed essential, under an 'Advanced Settings' option.

Overall I feel there is just too much on offer for the average user to play with. I question whetehr the average PC user will ever dare to explore all the options far less use them. I could have explored it much longer but I began to feel I was not getting value for time spent with so many options to choose from

I do not question that Norton is an effective security system but I feel it is overpowering and duplicates much that I already do as routine using other systems of choice

  [DELETED] 09:44 14 May 2012

Initial impressions are - It works well, unobtrusive, fast.

I still hate the graphics design... last time I was moaning about the colours, this time it looks like a five-year-old designed the buttons. But... it works brilliantly, so I'll forgive them that. (Just make sure whatever design you have for NIS you have for N360.... including menus in the same place.,...)

I don't mind all the bells & whistles that others seem not to like... They are not intrusive, and you can just install it & leave.

I'll wait to see what other thread headings we are given before adding further comment.

  sunnystaines 11:54 14 May 2012

i like best set up and forget and it runs itself

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