Norton 2013 beta test - installation comments

  Forum Editor 23:44 07 May 2012

Welcome to the Norton 2013 beta test forum.

Now that you have downloaded and installed the software, please tell us how it went - were there any problems with the download, or with the installation?

Please don't comment on any other aspect of the software at this time - I'll open a new thread for that when everyone has reported on the download and installation.

  [DELETED] 00:44 08 May 2012

Downloaded quickly, installed & accepted the Beta trial key without any issues, no problems.

  Pine Man 09:47 08 May 2012

Windows 7 32 bit.

Started the installation which then stopped part way through with the message 'unable to continue', followed by 'unable to send report'. This was followed with the dreaded blue screen of death!

Restarted and the installation was then completed without incident. Asked for the licence key and part way through entering it BSD again!

Restarted and completed the licence key all appeared ok. Started a full scan and after 15 minutes BSD again!

Completely uninstalled and reinstalled without incident. Started to complete the registration and BSD again!

Getting a bit fed up by now but restarted and tried to update it. You've guessed BSD yet again!

What next?

  [DELETED] 10:09 08 May 2012

Downloaded on a pretty average PC . No installation problems at any stage but surprised at the number of actions required overall to get it operating.

  QuizMan 10:10 08 May 2012

Testing on a W7 64 bit Home Edition PC.

Everything is up and running with a couple of minor glitches. First up, the download instruction said it would install the loader program to the desktop. It did not. I had to search and found it in the default Download location. I used the removal tool to remove Norton 360 and backed up identity safe. I am not sure that either of these is strictly necessary, but better safe than sorry.

On checking it had set up correctly, the 2nd glitch, if I can call it that, was locating how to set up Identity Safe. I wondered at first if it was no longer a feature, but I now realise that it has been renamed as "The Vault". Not really a glitch I suppose, but others that use the facility need to be aware and Norton needs to make sure their release notes for the final version make that clear.

  [DELETED] 11:10 08 May 2012

I think the pre download and reg system could be better - at this stage if I was "just looking" I would have given up. The email with prod num did arrive quickly. The product/serial num could be shorter (it is only a free beta) I could not copy/paste instead I had to type it in. It downloaded and installed ok - it did give me warning of programs it conflicted with and suggested they were removed.

Part of instructions Quote" Your installation of the beta test version of Norton Internet Security 2013 Beta should have started automatically. If it did not, save ‘N360BetaDownloader.exe’ to your desktop, double-click it to download the product test build and start the installation."End quote. First it refers to NIS then to N360! - I have installed NIS2013 - hope that's correct.

  [DELETED] 11:17 08 May 2012

I must say at this point that both 360 & The basic AV both crash my Email client Softmaker totally:

Unfortunately it's not just an email client but a somewhat basic Outlook alternative. I've installed both Norton programs twice & restored 4 Acronis images & are still unable to prevent this issue on my main PC, all I can do is install Norton on another PC I use that does not have Softmaker on, as I really need to use this Email client on this PC. I've already spend several hours in trying to overcome this major issue with no avail. There are no other problems.

  Condom 11:56 08 May 2012

Win 7 64 Home Edition

Dowloaded in under 10 mins on rather slow Broadband last night. E-mail arrived instantly with serial number. Began installing OK when it asked to uninstall my existing Security Site. Permission granted and it then completed install in under 3 mins. Would not copy & paste serial number so it had to be installed manually. Completed install painlessly and then I got it to download nearly 6MB of updates which then installed in 10 seconds.

All done very quickly and no problems so I did a complete system scan which completed successfully. Quite impressed and even the yellow has been toned down. Looking forward to testing.

  Ventad 12:51 08 May 2012

Down loaded alright then installed after uninstalling Norton360. Got the message install completed succesfully, run update which said 11 updates it immeidiately said installing 11 of 11 updates dont know what happened to
1-10 of the updates. checked firewall on, run quick scan said everything OK 'SECURE', closed the window had lunch tried to open main page would not open tried several times through desktop icon, via all programmes, and task bar would not open during this the gadget in top right was saying AT RISK. It finally came up with ERROR 8504,5

Went to support FAQ said use uninstal/instal program click here to download which did not work Message said "failed to find a NORTON PRODUCT TO UPDATE" (2013 not listed)finally uninstalled via its own uninstal program in all programmes/NORTON/uninstall.

Reinstalled from desktop download all succesfull This time on update it said 11 updates and run updates 1 through to 11. Did a quick scan and everything ok. And main page opens via desktop item ok at the moment.

  Ventad 13:04 08 May 2012

Testing on a W7 64 bit Home Edition PC

I should add to my previous that the same as QuizMan it downloaded the NIS downloader to Download files I then came off line to uninstall N360 did that then doubleclicked on NIS to install and it needed to go back on line to download the programme to desktop which was a bit confusing as I thought at the time the first down load was the programme according to the messages.

  Aitchbee 13:43 08 May 2012

The 124mb download took about an hour on my mobile BB dongle.I was prompted to uninstall Avast and System Mechanic, I removed the former using REVO uninstaller and left SM on my computer.

The activation was a straight-forward affair and I was even sent my account password (which I had forgotten) by e-mail.

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