Norton 2013 beta test - and finally......

  Forum Editor 23:37 14 May 2012

Do you have any suggestions for improvements - something that might be added, or left out of the product?

This is your chance to speak directly to the software developers.

  Condom 00:05 15 May 2012

I have got used to having a secure "sandbox" where I know I can run things I am not 100% sure about without doing any harm. I think this should be something more programs of this type should develop.

Some programs just have too many bells & whistles which may be included to keep the price high rather than any other reason. For Norton to survive in this field where there are now so many good free products then I feel the price has to drop substantially either by excluding the extras or just dropping it which might not be easy for them to do.

People need a very good reason to pay circa £40 for something they can get just as good for free.

  sunnystaines 09:35 15 May 2012

as mention in another the web page info should show more info on the tracking cookies a web site is loading with an option to block them

  [DELETED] 09:51 15 May 2012

The system information is unnecessary or maybe overly complicated, I feel if you are clued up enough to need it there are far better free programs out that can be run on demand (rather than running 24/7) & most who are reasonably PC savvy will already doing this. If you are not PC savvy it could be unhelpful & or even confusing. The performance guide also also I think is a little gimmicky & many would be steered in the wrong direction with it's advice. These widgets can be switched off however & I would do regardless of which PC it was run on. But these is the more basic Norton AV suite so perhaps if you feel the Security Suite is too much or even not enough Norton has those bases covered with alternative programs.

Comparing Norton to Webroot SecureAnywhere I like Webroot's simplicity & the fact it can be set-up & running in well under 5 mins with virtually zero memory footprint points me to the fact that Norton is a little much for me but I think Norton will give many users a strong feeling of security with it's many widgets. Norton also seems to defy logic as considering what it does with all widgets on it still manages to use little resources & my main reasons for disliking bells & whistles are they usually slow a PC down. For my daughter & many people I know Norton is pretty much ideal so despite having a licence for Webroot Norton will stay on my daughters PC.

As for pricing I've seen versions of Norton 2011 / 2012 heavily discounted for some time & I still feel for most users it's well worth paying for security rather than saving a few pounds & going down the free route with limited update facilities. I have had no issues other than a possible clash with the Softmaker Office Suite which I presume will be sorted & Norton scans quite fast found no FP's & hasn't slowed a not so young laptop down.

As for additions: One thing I have noticed recently is the worrying amount of EXIF/IPTC-META info on photographs which can give pretty much your home address & more as GPS location is often set to default on many cameras or smart phones & can be most useful but can also be dangerous if shared.

A Norton widget to scan photographs & remove or even edit this info if required from images I feel would be a worthwhile addition. I've found many friends have been most (very) surprised when they see the amount of info contained in a typical image that may be innocently shared with the world.

Most internet sites do not include meta data on posted images but a picture shared directly via a chat site or with an online relationship that's in the initial stages could be potentially dangerous esp. with unsuspecting females or younger people as in giving info that really is very private. – That's just a issue I personally see though & perhaps is OTT but meta data in photographs I think will raise it's ugly head in the future as the evil minority among us will use this info.

  Aitchbee 09:52 15 May 2012

NIS 2013 houses a lot of functions 'under one roof' which will appeal to many people who don't want to be bothererd with running six or seven seperate free programs that would probably do the same job (if not better).

But then again, other people who do not wish to pay 30 odd quid a year for their security on line, will stick with the free option of installing and running several other free (dedicated) utility programs.

It's horses for courses...I suppose.

  [DELETED] 10:00 15 May 2012

This program has a comprehensive set of features. Are they needed or wanted? If Norton's cookies do not already collect the info - is it worth Norton listing all the features and asking, in conjunction with Advisor, - do you use these features?

  Condom 12:40 15 May 2012

I received the monthly report from Norton this morning and I am more than a little concerned about what might or might not be happening. I have already mentioned that I initailly got a report that my PC appeared to be attacking itself but it had appeared only the once. The monthly report now tells me that it has blocked this attack 298 times in the space of a week. I am totally confused as to what is going on. Yes I have 2 PC's but they are both well protected.

I have listed the report below but I have taken out some of the detail to protect my address. The B++++ is my Surname.

Intrusion Blocked

High Risk An Intrusion attempt by B++++ was blocked

Attacking Computer B++++(+++ 168.02)

Destination Address (+++ 168.01)

Source Address (+++ 168.02)

Traffic Description UDP Port 54422

I have never had this problem showing before so I am totally baffled and if anyone with expertise in this field can enlighten it would be helpful.

  Pine Man 14:38 15 May 2012

I have no problems at all with security suites like norton and use most of the programs contained.

This beta did everything I wanted and well. Better than Bitdefender I am using at the moment.

As others have said I dont need some of the window dressing but it wouldn't put me off buying.

  [DELETED] 15:36 15 May 2012

dont like being reminded to do a scan , i do scans when i want to

  [DELETED] 16:21 15 May 2012

I have to agree with Input Overload and Woody. I help out in a purpose designed and well equipped complex within a Scottish University where anyone over 60 can come in and learn to use a PC New starts are at first apprehensive but are already usually mindful of the pitfalls of not having good PC Security. Without exception they want their software to be user friendly but effective, simple to understand but trusted to protect them without too much input by them except scans and updates. They are prepared to pay for that but naturally would like it to be free. Hence free AVG and MSE are highly favoured often with secondary back up software like Spybot
I appreciate this may be the view of one generation and younger more PC aware folks may want the huge range of things that MIS 2013 offers-for a price. However I can’t help feeling that Norton are missing a trick here by not simply offering NIS2013 in a simple format with a Advanced Section which can be accessed by those who want monthly reports and all the other bells and whistles but which can be out of sight for all other purposes. With all the goodies on display there is always the nagging feeling that unless one checks out all the options one might be missing a problem. Up to Norton to be able to compete with AVG and MSE to justify a charge but I don’t think that overcomplicating the software, because that’s how I and many others may see it, is the answer.

  Forum Editor 19:42 15 May 2012


"Yes I have 2 PC's but they are both well protected."

UDP stands for 'User Datagram Protocol'. It's a minimal message-oriented Transport Layer protocol and is used by various applications, such as VoIP (Voice over IP) and streaming media. It's also used - and this may be the answer in your case - by the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)that assigns IP addresses on a network. It's also used by the Domain Name system (DNS).

The reports that you're getting could be associated with your home network, if that's how your two machines are configured.

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