Upgrade to High Sierra From El Capitan

  Darren1276 18:20 17 May 2018

I have just bought a MacBook and it has El Capitan version of OS X installed on it, what I want to know is the upgrade to High Sierra worth it and is it safe? Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you, Darren

  Pine Man 18:45 17 May 2018

I have updated from Sierra to High Sierra and prior to that from Yosemite to El Capitan. I have had no problems whatsoever with any of the upgrades at all.

There have now been four updates to High Sierra so I think it is now reasonable to assume that it is safe.

Is it worth it? Well I have found the upgrade to be worth it but a lot depends on your needs and the other software you use.

My view, for what it is worth, is that if your device is capable of being upgraded without any ill effects then I can see no reason why not to.

  HondaMan 20:43 17 May 2018

I agree with Pine Man, but see this first:

  sujata sen 12:43 11 Jul 2018

After upgrades my garageband is not working :( i have to use emulator in windows system to make it run. can you tell me whats the problem is?

  Pine Man 12:51 11 Jul 2018

I have no idea what the problem is but there was another update to High Sierra yesterday so that might be worth a try.

Also the latest version of Garageband is 10.3.1. Issued at the end of June. Do you have that one?

  sujata sen 13:05 11 Jul 2018

okay so think thats the problem i should try to upgrade my garageband. Thank you will let you know if it works.

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