Trouble transferring photos from iPhone to Mac

  JennyWren 08:04 09 Feb 2019

Hi, firstly I must state I am not techno proficient at all!

I have and elderly but perfectly adequate MacBook Air (2011?) and an iPhone 7: previously I have just plugged the phone in and magically all the photos have been sucked off and stored on my computer (this is the main purpose of the laptop).

Recently I have done that and only some pics have made the import: so out of a recent attempt to transfer 3000+, only 900 or so have gone? I thought initially it was only those that had had anything to do with WhatsApp? However, this isn't the case all of the time?

For instance, a holiday in Venice where I took 150 pics; all those shared via WA or FB arrived but only about 2 of those not shared?

I have been forced into iCloud sharing but this doesn't seem to have worked, and at the suggestion of several friends, I have tried Google Pictures but I gave up on that when it couldn't seem to count/cope.

Grateful for any suggestions!

(Freeing up space for the next holiday!)

32GB iPhone, and no messages to suggest shortage of memory on laptop.


  Pine Man 11:44 09 Feb 2019

If all you want to do is ensure that your photos are available on both your Mac and your iPhone all you need to do is access preferences on your phone and go to iCloud and turn on Photos. Next go to preferences on your Mac and select iCloud. Tick next to Photos and click on Options. In Options tick only iCloud Photos and nothing else.

Next time you take a photo it should automatically upload to iCloud and Photos with a copy remaining on your phone.

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