Imac backup time machine and external hard drives

  needhelp 15:53 10 Feb 2019

Advice needed on backup of an Imac with 1TB. To date I have been storing all of my work on my machine and then using an external hard drive to back up using time machine. I now want to clear work off my machine BUT I still want to ensure I have backup to at least 2 places. I currently pay for 200gb icloud back up but at the moment I am in between house moves and I will not have sufficient broadband speeds for another couple of months for any sort of very efficient cloud backup but it is an option in the future. I have purchased 2 4TB seagates, one with a 2 year data recovery plan as an extra measure. I know there are various ways I could parition etc, so please advise as I don't want an entire 4 TB drive to be unnecessarily allocated to time machine. But on the other hand maybe I do need to do that to cover the machine and a 4 TB drive? Maybe I should have purchased one larger than the other?! I would be aiming to archive to one drive and then the other one is for timemachine backing up my computer and the other external drive. Or maybe there would be suggestions to partition both drives and do alternate timemachine back ups to each? One drive could then have the data rescue also on it (2 yrs only). Please advise ans its a nightmare to start into this and get it wrong! Thanks J

  HondaMan 20:18 10 Feb 2019

Try looking HERE

  Pine Man 16:11 11 Feb 2019

I have two 2TB external HDDs.

One is connected all the time and is used only for Time Machine back ups. The other is also connected all the time and is used for a Carbon Copy Cloner backup every evening at 5pm.

In addition there are some files I need to be able to access on my iPhone/iPad and these are stored in the cloud.

I am fairly happy in my own mind that a major failure of my hardware could easily be recovered from.

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