I pad pro WiFi problem with connectivity

  Yatheo 19:17 23 Sep 2018

Hello I am not very skilled in technology. I have an iPad Pro which has me at my wits end. In safari the internet connection keeps dropping out. I have spoken with Apple chat who went through lots of things for me which didn’t help they told me to return to John Lewis as still in guarantee they sent it away for testing It came back with a report saying WiFi normal but they replaced the iPad because of light leakage. The problem continues so now I feel suspicious as to whether they did replace the whole iPad it does have a new serial number so I guess they must have? Then I’m just desperate to figure out what’s causing the problem as I love my iPad but it’s almost unusable as it keeps dropping connection. What I can’t understand is that my iPhone and the iPad I borrowed whilst mine was away have no problems and anyone who comes to the house with a apple product has no problem . Any ideas very gratefully received �/p>

  Govan1x 08:03 25 Sep 2018

maybe set it to flight mode for a minute or so then turn flight mode off. that would reset all your wifi connections. Worth a try if nothing else is working.

  Roger Evens 14:55 05 Nov 2018

Hello I have a similar problem with my new I-pad. bought a new bt wifi router a couple of months ago and worked a treat but after 6 weeks I cannot connect to the internet. Connection to router OK and I-pad mini and two laptops connect OK to internet.

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