bing keeps taking over google

  skydiver007 08:39 30 Oct 2018

Have a MacBook Air, yesterday every time I opened up a new page on safari (google is my homepage) it swiftly went to bing. Also, if I put in google it reverts to bing - very frustrating

Have removed bing but it still appears

  wee eddie 10:02 31 Oct 2018

There must be the equivalent of Malwarebytes for Apple. Run that.

  HondaMan 13:05 31 Oct 2018

Have you set your home page to google?

  Rickysingh 15:20 31 Oct 2018

Hondaman is correct you have to set your homepage to google otherwise you have to face this regularly.

  wee eddie 20:18 01 Nov 2018

Spammer- FE told

  HondaMan 08:33 02 Nov 2018

Just as a mayor of interest, what does FE do when told about spam?

  HondaMan 08:50 05 Nov 2018

Sorry, should be "matter"

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