Cyber Monday is said to be the busiest day of the year for online shopping, so let us give you a hand. Below we've rounded up the best tech deals the consumer tech scene has to offer, with everything from chep laptops, phones and tablets to headphones, wearables and tech toys. 

Best Cyber Monday tech deals right now

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What to look for in Cyber Monday 2019 deals

We recommend preparing a list of things you hope to buy cheaply on Cyber Monday, quite simply because there is so much on offer that you could find yourself deep in a rabbit hole with none of those items ticked off.

Cyber Monday is also a good time to consider those purchases you didn't find discounted on Black Friday, and to consult reviews to make the ultimate decision whether you continue to purchase that product or something similar that is discounted.

Just because an item isn't reduced doesn't mean it's not worth buying and, likewise, just because a product is discounted it doesn't mean you should buy it.

Tech Advisor has an entire directory of reviews for nearly every consumer tech device you can think of, which you can access here. We also research and highlight key deals in our dedicated Best Deals articles.

Tech is huge on Cyber Monday, so if you're looking for a new phone, laptop, PC, tablet or any other gadget, there will be a deal for that.

It's well worth signing up to Amazon's 30-day free trial of Prime, which will get you free next day delivery and access to Lightning Deals 30 minutes earlier than everyone else. This could make all the difference on the day. If you want to know more about the Prime free trial, pricing and all the included perks, benefits, and services, see our in-depth guide here.

We recommend taking a look at the following retailers for their best Cyber Monday 2019 deals.

1. Amazon Echo Dot (3rd-gen)

From: Amazon

Was: £49.99

Now: £29.99  (£20 off)

Make your home smart with Amazon's smallest smart speaker, now at an even smaller price.

2. Google Nest Mini

From: Currys PC World

Was: £49

Now: £29  (£20 off, with 6 months of Spotify Premium for free)

MyMemory also has the Google Nest Mini 2 on sale for £28, which is the cheapest price around – but you do get better value from Currys as it's only a pound more but you get 6 months of Spotify Premium for free (worth £60).

3. Eufy RoboVac 30

From: Eufy

Was: £259.99

Now: £159.99  (£100 off with code WSRV30UK)

Until 24 May, get a £100 discount on the RoboVac 30 directly from Eufy.

4. Apple HomePod

From: eBay

Was: £279

Now: £189  (£80 off + £9.95 off with code PRODUCT5)

You can grab the HomePod from eBay right now for £199, and applying coupon PRODUCT5 at checkout removes an extra £9.95 from the price, bringing it down to around £189 - the cheapest you can get it in the UK right now. 

5. Vodafone SIM-Only with 60GB data (5G)


Now: £8.50 per month

Excellent value for money with 60GB of 5G connectivity for under a tenner!

6. Best OnePlus 8 deals: Contract, SIM-free & Trade-In offers

From: Tech Advisor

Now: Free Bullets Z Wireless earphones  (£49 off earphones)

Buy a OnePlus 8 phone directly from OnePlus and get a free pair of Bullets Z Wireless earphones