Just Color Picker is a versatile tool for capturing colors and using them to create appealing color combinations.

The program opens with a standard color selection interface. Moving the mouse cursor around your screen displays a magnified view of that point, and when you've found a shade you like, pressing Alt+X saves it to your list.

By default your colors are displayed as HTML values, but you can switch to RGB, Hex, HSB/ HSV, HSL, CMYK, Delphi and more at any time. Just choose a format from the list and everything on your color list is updated.

Individual colors can have comments attached via their right-click menu. These are also displayed in the list, perhaps useful as a reminder of where they came from or why they've been chosen.

There's a button to copy any selected color value to the clipboard, or you can save the entire list as TXT, HTML, Adobe's ACO or GIMP's GPL files.

Click the up/down arrow to the right toggles Just Color Picker's extended view. This shows the currently selected color, enables fine-tuning it with sliders, and suggests some matching shades.

Bonus tools include Color Wheels (another way to find matching colors), and a text box which shows how text will look using various combinations of font and background colors.


Just Color Picker is a nicely designed tool with some unusual and worthwhile extras. A must-try for designers everywhere.