A PDF (portable document format) file is still one of the best ways of sharing a document between different people who need to read and edit before it's published commercially.

Icecream PDF Editor is a simple tool which you can use to view a PDF file as well as make basic edits. For instance, you can move images, edit text and then re-export as an updated PDF document. You can choose to secure the new document with a password, add editing rights or simply add a stamp so people are aware of the source.

The primary reason for installing PDF Editor will be to add your own notes and annotations to existing documents. Say you need to collaborate on a document you need to send to the press, simply export this as a PDF and send it to other colleagues for their approval. The colleagues can then add notes, highlight areas, add arrows and even edit the text, before exporting.

And that's about it. PDF Editor really is a simple free tool. You can't export items from within an existing PDF (for example, extracting an image).


Simple PDF editor which offers some basic collaboration, editing and management tools.