GrafX Website Studio is a powerful application for building responsive websites.

The program only comes with a handful of templates, most of those variations on the same theme-- don't expect much choice.

If you do find something you like, a wizard helps you customise it immediately with a title, company name, copyright message, icons, menu names, ftp account information and more.

The main page of the site is displayed first. This looked good with our test template (Camelia Fabric Flow), with animated images and a responsive layout. Every editable element on the page has a little pencil icon next to it, and clicking this displays more information.

Editing isn't always as convenient as you'd expect. We clicked the link next to an image, expecting to be able to import a JPG or PNG. Instead it just asked us to edit this text: <image4>

There are lots of editing options and features, though, and if you can figure out how it all works your site can be uploaded via FTP, saved as HTML and CSS files, or even exported as a PDF.


GrafX Website Studio is a powerful tool, but awkward to use and with very few templates.