EPS Viewer is a simple tool which can display EPS and PS files, and convert them to a few bitmap formats (JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF).

The program automatically associates itself with EPS files on installation. Double-click one later and it opens in a basic viewing window, where you can zoom in any out, click and drag to pan around an image, or rotate it left or right in 90 degree steps.

"Width" and "Height" boxes allow the image to be resized, if a little awkwardly. Typing a new value in the Width box won't change anything, for instance; pressing Enter or tabbing to the next field doesn't have any effect, either. Instead you must click on a green tick to the right. Still, once you've figured that out, it works just fine.

A conventional "Save As" dialog then allows you to save the current image as a JPEG, PNG, GIF or TIFF file (there's no support for batch conversion).

That's about it, too. There are no other menus or toolbars available, no right-click options or anything else - it's just a basic viewer, no complexities at all.


EPS Viewer doesn't support thumbnail browsing, batch EPS conversion, or any even faintly advanced features. A strong Ghostscript-based core means it does make a reliable viewer, though, and if you only need to look at an occasional EPS file then it'll serve you very well.