PhotoScape X is a simple graphics editor that might at first look short on features. There's no layer support, for instance. No clever selection tools, and no choice of colour models. It's extremely strong on the core photo editing basics, though, which means they're very easy to use.

There's one-click adjustment for brightness, contrast, sharpness, lighting and more, for instance. You can add a fancy frame to your photo by selecting it from a list. And text captions, speech bubbles and other objects can be added to the picture in seconds.

Cropping a photo is very straightforward. You're able to choose the size, aspect ratio and even shape of the cropped area beforehand, and can then adjust it manually to get the precise effect you need.

Resizing is just as simple, as by default the program maintains the aspect ratio of your photos. Just specify the new height or width of an image and the other will be changed proportionally.

There are some surprisingly powerful extras to be found here, too. An excellent batch editor will process a folder full of images in seconds, for instance. There's also a very capable animated GIF creator, a screen grab tool, lots of options for printing your images in a variety of layouts, and a whole lot more.

What's new in 2.8?

- Added Spot Light, Whites, Blacks, Colorize, and Remove Color Cast filters to Editor tab
- Added HDR, Whites, Blacks filters to Batch tab
- Added 'Focus Stacking' and 'Merge to HDR' to Viewer tab
- Added two more resize algorithms (Sharper, Nearest Neighbor)
- Added 150 Emoji and 117 Stationery Stickers
- Improved Lens Profile Correction, Fisheye, HDR, Auto Contrast, and Dehaze filters
- Improved Mask feature (Fill, Clear Mask)
- Improved Slideshow feature
- Support borderless printing (macOS)
- Improved UI
- Fixed bugs


A good, if basic graphics editor. Worth a look if your needs are simple, or you could use extras like the animated GIF creator