Speaker Deals

You'll find plenty of bargains when it comes to speakers. We're talking Bluetooth speakers, soundbars and wired speakers that'll fill the whole room. There's a speaker for just about every budget and purpose, from cheap portable Bluetooth speakers you can take on the go to 7.1 surround sound systems to turn your living room into a home cinema.

Throw in smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home and you have even more options. Whatever you're looking for, we'll help you find a speaker at the best possible price.

Best Speaker Deals

Speaker Deals

KitSound Voice One Smart Speaker with Alexa

KitSound Voice One Smart Speaker with Alexa

From: Amazon

Was: £129.99

Now: £99.53 (£30.46 off)

This smart speaker may not be made by Amazon, but it boasts Alexa support, making it very similar to an Echo.

Sony SRS-XB20 Portable Wireless Speaker

Sony SRS-XB20 Portable Wireless Speaker

From: Amazon

Was: £100

Now: £59 (£41 off)

This portable Bluetooth speaker has a 12-hour battery life and is water-resistant.

Bose SoundTouch 30 III Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker

Bose SoundTouch 30 III Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker

From: Currys

Was: £499.95

Now: £419.95 (£80 off)

This Bose speaker has smartphone controls and multi-room support, and is now available for £80 off.

Speaker Deals 2018

A house is not a home without a speaker to help you fill it with your favourite tunes. There are plenty of impressive speakers to choose from and some of them will be wireless thanks to Bluetooth, meaning you'll be able to take them on your travels with you too. Here's what to look for in a speaker deal.

Speaker types: Wireless, wired or soundbar

There are so many speakers to choose from it's bound to get a bit overwhelming, but once you've determined what you intend to use your speaker for things get a lot easier. Consider whether you'll ever need to move your speaker around, perhaps into the garden or with you as you move from room to room at home. If the answer is yes, you'll need to make sure the speaker you choose has a wireless option. Consider the battery life and whether the figure touted is enough for you, and also whether you have a compatible Bluetooth device to play your music from. 

There are also wired speakers, which in many cases offer bigger and better sound but tend to be bigger in size, too. These are the speakers you'll leave in one room, perhaps your living room, to impress your guests.

Alternatively, a soundbar might be what you're looking for if it's movies you want to improve. Sit a soundbar beneath your TV and you'll never look back.

Of course, there are other speaker types, including PC speakers (which usually come as a pair to sit either side of your monitor). We've got those covered here too.

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